Using Your Tablet To Improve Your Blogging

Since the release of the iPad, the tablet market has continued to grow and grow. A large percentage of people now own some form of tablet and use them for everything from playing games to online banking.

As a blogger, I try to embrace all sorts of new technologies to help, and tablets have been a godsend in my blogging interests and help me in a variety of ways. Here are some ways you can utilize your tablet in your blogging.

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Tablets can be a great way to do any research you need for your articles. We can’t always store all the information we need up in our heads and we need online resources to help us to research our subjects. If you have a Wifi account to latch onto or a 3G internet connection you can even do this research whilst on the go, whether you’re commuting or sitting on the beach. There are also Apps you can use that might help with your research, for example a movie blogger could use the IMDB app to help them find out about films that they are covering.

Taking Photos
Sourcing photographs can be really difficult for bloggers. We can’t just pick a photograph from an image search and use it, we need to make sure we have the necessary rights or permission to use the picture. With our own images we do not need these permissions, and can use the photos as we please, so having a tablet can be a great way to take photos on the go. Not every tablet is equipped with a camera but many are and those that do have a way to take photos are improving all the time, so your photos will only get better.

Editing Photos
Whether they are your own photos that you have taken on your tablet or in some other way, or photos you have bought the rights to or found permission to use, you will probably need to edit them in some way before publishing them on your blog. For almost every tablet on the market there is a huge amount of apps available to use for cropping photos, putting in black and white or applying effects to, which is very helpful when trying to get the perfect image for your blog. You can even put together collages or other novelty image collections for your blog.

Many people do not see their tablet as a way to write a large amount of text, and though it may be difficult, you can purchase wireless or other keyboards that will plug in or connect to your tablet and let you write just as easily as on a desktop or laptop computer. As well as this, you can download writing apps that will help you to keep your documents organised and even spell check them.

Tablets are great for being social in general, and are great for bloggers to promote their activities on social networks, which almost always have apps and ways to make it easy for you to share. Get talking to people on your tablet and create some awesome relationships.


This Guest post was written by Ben who is a writer and entrepreneur from the UK who runs a blog about Escaping the Nine to Five grind to start a business.

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