Use PostRocket To Master SEO On Facebook

Although Search Engine Optimization has undergone a sea of change, it still remains relevant and in reality, it always will. Search engines rely on users optimizing their posts so that they figure higher in the list of search enquiries that are made. Most of the online business that companies are doing is now accompanied by social network pages. In terms of hits and interactions, a majority of these take place on Facebook. But not all companies are doing a great job of managing their Facebook pages.

What problems do admins face?

The most primitive problem that a web administrator of a popular Facebook page faces almost every day is what to post. Additionally, once these posts are done, the next stage of the problem is getting a large part of your subscribers to actually see it. Statistics show that on an average only 16% of the page’s fans actually get to see a post published. To solve this problem, there is a new product in the market to help Facebook Pages solve this problem using some new options for feed optimization.

What is PostRocket?

PostRocket is a young startup that aims to master Facebook’s own ranking algorithm for optimizing search results and page visibility, called EdgeRank. After successfully managing Facebook activities for superstar musician Pitbull, the team has a lot of experience that they plan to use to help other page owners.

PostRocket uses a lot of analytical tools and the Facebook Insights API to determine just what is going right for the page. The trends for which picture posts, status updates or links are getting in the maximum hits. It chronologically analyzes the user interactions based on demographic tools. The software enables the user to queue multiple posts at a time in the app menu. After this, PostRocket analyzes and determines which will be the best time to post these updates and posts them likewise.

PostRocket also analyzes which will be the best links and news and share with your fans. These are also carefully determined using these tools and are aimed at achieving virality. Moreover, based on continual trends, a checklist of recommendations is generated on a per-day basis, till a more regular trend begins to take shape. Also, tags are being incorporated with posts made on Facebook so at a later time, the popular posts can be linked to articles with similar tags on the web can be located and shared, if the need arises.

PostRocket is a software company and is not currently the only popular Facebook-based content optimizing service available. It has competition from a few other applications but it has received some good funding and has a lot going right for it. Though the product is still in the development stages, the strategies and practices the company has adopted are aimed to guarantee the user to popularize his brand on Facebook in the fastest time. Although Facebook has made several attempts to make third-party page management applications look less and less impressive by making a lot of changes to the Facebook Page management solutions, they still lack a lot of features that users can use.

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