US Points Finger At China And Russia Over Hacking and Spying Activities

A report from the US government has accused China and Russia for hacking attacks and spying activities.

US Points Finger At China And Russia Over Hacking and Spying Activities - US, hacking, spying, China, Russia, cyber-attacks

The US condemns the hacking attacks and spying activities from China and Russia. (Image: quatro.sinko (CC), via Flickr)

The October-dated report entitled Foreign Spies Stealing US Economic Secrets in Cyberspace comes from the Office of Counter Intelligence.

According to the report, cyber-attacks against financial and government institutions have increased, showing a graphic with a Wall Street sign and some Chinese currency.

While Russia also held accounts for some security breaches on US computer systems, the western power pinpointed China and its attacks as the most dominant infiltrations done by a foreign country.

China has repeatedly denied all accusations and suggestions of hacking activities but the report said that Chinese cybercriminals were behind several offensive online attacks.

The report was part of several alarming accounts that apparently culminated in a cyber-security conference in London last week.

So scary was the mental representation of possible hacking attacks that security experts and analysts raised and openly discussed them from every angle.

The US looks intent to stop other countries from their malicious activities and now throws impervious accusations whenever it can.

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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