Twitter will offer Location-based Targeted Advertising

According to a report by AdAge, Twitter will soon provide geolocation services for its promoted tweets. This new advertising scheme will help brick and mortar stores target consumers that happen to be close to their shops.

Twitter’s location-based advertising may be available late this year. This method of advertising aims to draw in consumers to stores with ads that are both relevant to their needs and to their timing.

This type of advertising fits well for Twitter because it has a strong base of mobile users. When it comes to giving advertisers targeted tools and options, however, Twitter trails behind Facebook, and it’s only been lately that the micro blogging network has introduced new ad targeting tools, including location-based advertising.

Twitter will use location-based targeted advertising by the end of this year. (Image: via

Twitter will use location-based targeted advertising by the end of this year. (Image: via

With this new targeting scheme, Twitter can do more than just increase foot traffic to brick and mortar stores. Along with it, Twitter can use trending topics at the neighborhood level to increase the relevance of targeting; making way for both relevant ad content and relevant events. In addition, location-based advertising is not a new concept, and some companies have already used it for years even. As such, there isn’t much risk involved for Twitter to get into this advertising offer.

The main concern right now is whether advertisers will embrace Twitter’s new targeting scheme, or opt for Facebook ads. Marketers will decide which one offers better sales conversions for their brands in terms of foot traffic towards local stores.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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