Twitter Users Urged to Tweet Live During Theater Performances

Usually, theatergoers are discouraged to use their smartphones or tablets during a live performance.  However, the case is different for the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where using mobile devices are encouraged through what they have termed as “Tweet Seats.”

A Special Balcony for Tweeters

Based on recent reports, the Guthrie Theater has allotted a balcony specifically for Twitter users.  Here, they are urged to “Tweet” live during the performance, make comments about the actors, the sounds, and other relevant reviews.  According to the Guthrie Theater management, the special balcony ensures that audiences who are active online would not be “disruptive” to those who aren’t.

Guthrie Theater has tweet seats where people sitting there are encouraged to use Twitter to comment about the performances being shown. (Image: via

Notably, those who are sitting on the “Tweet Seats” would still be required to keep their mobile devices on silent mode.  It is not yet clear though whether they can bring a laptop and use that instead of a phone or tablet.

A Great Way to Review

Meanwhile, Trish Santini, the Guthrie Theater’s external relations director, has cited The Servant of Two Masters as a great show to host Tweet Seats.  She describes the cast as an “incredible” group of comedians, who improvise throughout the performance.  Audiences would be sure to have fun Tweeting comments to their online friends and followers about the show.

For Theaters, Not Cinemas

Of course, the Tweet Seats would work for a theater, where lights flashing from a mobile device would not be distracting.  The same cannot be said for a cinema, though, as bright lights would definitely annoy other moviegoers.

Notably, aside from the Guthrie Theater, other art establishments that have their own Tweet Seats are the Public Theater in New York City, the Palm Beach Opera in Florida, and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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