Twitter Users Can Exchange Gifts for a Pizza Hut Treat

Twitter users can trade their “ho-hum” Christmas gifts for a pizza through the hashtags #PizzaHutExchange or #PHxchange.  The campaign is a reprisal of Pizza Hut’s “$10 Any Pizza” promo.  The pizza company, which is a division of Yum Brands Inc. based in Plano, Texas, shares that the promo is their most successful and popular menu price.

A Gift for a Pizza

In a statement, Pizza Hut announces that they are offering fans the opportunity to trade in gifts that they do not find “quite right” for a $10 Any Pizza.  In a post to over 150,000 Twitter followers, the company asked fans to “tweet” a picture of the lamest gift they got for Christmas and tag it #PHxchange.  The first 100 users to do so would receive a $10 Any Pizza.  Prizes were awarded in the form of gift cards worth $10.

Pizza Hut is offering 10 dollar any pizza exchanges for unwanted gifts through Twitter. (Image: via

A Popular Pizza Deal
According to Kurt Kane, the chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut, their $10 Any Pizza Deal is extremely popular with consumers.  Kane explains that during this season of the year, not everyone gets the exact present that they really want.  And so, by offering customers the opportunity to trade in their gifts, they can receive something that they would really love – a $10 Any Pizza from Pizza Hut.

The amazing promo was offered to pizza-lovers across the 48 contiguous U.S. States as well as the District of Colombia.  Notably, there are about 10,000 Pizza Hut restaurants in over 90 countries around the world.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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