Twitter Shuts Down Accounts with Child Abuse Pictures

A number of Twitter accounts have been shut down after it was discovered that they contained troubling pictures of child abuse.

Private Accounts Under Investigation

According to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children or NSPCC, the alarming images were revealed to the public after groups of hackers said that they had broken into several private accounts in order to uncover their shocking content.  Notably, the NSPCC is a charity organization that focuses on child protection in the areas of England, Northern Ireland, Wales, as well as the Channel Islands.

Twitter breaks down private accounts revealing shocking photos of child abuse and takes these accounts down. (Image: via

US Authorities Look Into the Case

The NSPCC shared that over a span of one night, they received an outbreak of reports about six or more Twitter accounts, which were eventually disabled.  Meanwhile, an article featured in the Guardian states that the accounts will be investigated in the United States, where the head office of Twitter is based.  Likewise, one spokesman from the NSPCC described the pictures as “disturbing images” of child abuse.  He also assures that authorities in the US are currently investigating the case.

Persons Responsible Remains Unclear

The NSPCC also added that the groups of hackers looked into several private accounts that had previously been hidden from public’s view.  In the meantime, the question of whether the pictures were uploaded by someone from Britain or from another country remains unanswered.  The nationalities of the children victimized in the case are also not known.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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