Twitter Plans to Further Utilize its Social TV Market Advantage

When it comes to the social TV market, Twitter has been thriving to the extent of being the only relevant social networking site these where people can share their feelings regarding TV programs.

A lot of companies have appeared, all attempting to gather TV audience sentiments, like GetGlue, Viggle and Social Guide, but all of these three startups have been recently acquired by other large companies; an early sign that there is an overhaul in the social TV market.

Twitter, which is not focused on social TV, is very successful in this market and it plans to do a lot more to take advantage of this in the coming year.

Twitter intends to take more advantage of its prominence in social TV market. (Image: Nashondo (CC) via Flickr)

For example, according to TechCrunch, Twitter has been contacting show runners and TV producers to find more ways to assimilate the social networking site with television shows. We could see voting using Twitter in more shows next year, for example.

As such, Twitter is hiring a position called “Manager of TV Relationships.” Whoever gets the job gets to work at Los Angeles, and is responsible for evangelizing and being an ambassador to television celebs, and also to collaborate with producers and show runners to incorporate Twitter into TV programs. As written in the job listing as one of the responsibilities of this manager, he or she is expected to “manage and execute a volume of creative content plays with TV talent, such as live tweeting of shows, talent Q&As, and other creative uses of Twitter.”

Some television networks have already displayed Twitter hash tags, read tweets for viewer feedback, among others, but there’s so much more potential that the social network needs to utilize, and it will become more evident that television is a very important aspect in the success of the micro-blogging site.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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