Twitter, Nielsen Partnership Creates Social TV Rating

Twitter today inked an exclusive deal with Nielsen to start a new social TV rating category for the U.S. market.

Nielsen, a world leader in providing information and insights on what consumers watch and buy, and Twitter, the world’s most popular micro-blogging site, disclosed an exclusive multi-year agreement to create a new “Nielsen Twitter TV Rating” for the U.S. market.

The agreement will see Nielsen and Twitter provide an organized touchstone on the impact of TV conversations on Twitter and will be commercially available at the start of the fall 2013 TV season in the U.S.

TV viewers talk about TV on Twitter to build a new efficient incentive between the audience and programming.

Twitter has over 140 million active members who send more than one billion tweets every 2.5 days – most of which are public and colloquial to make Twitter’s data necessary for standard metrics and stand for online and mobile conversations on TV.

The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating will complement Nielsen’s current TV ratings to provide TV networks and advertisers real-time metrics needed for understanding the social activities of TV audiences.

Twitter, Nielsen Partnership Creates "Nielsen Twitter TV Rating

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The ratings will rest atop SocialGuide, the audience engagement analytics platform of NM Incite.  A join venture between Nielsen and McKinsey & Co., NM Incite is the hub of Nielsen’s social media analytics campaigns.

The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating will improve the social TV analytics and metrics available today from SocialGuide through the first measurement of total audience for social TV activity, which includes those who participate conversations and those exposed to the activity, to provide the accurate audience size and impact and the effect of social TV to TV programming.

A recent acquisition of Nielsen and NM Incite, SocialGuide captures Twitter TV activity for all U.S. programming across 234 TV channels, both English and Spanish, with more than 36,000 programs.

SocialGuide undergoes a complex classification process to match Tweets to TV programs and provide critical social TV metrics, including the number of unique Tweets connected to a particular program and rankings for the most social TV programs.

“The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating is a significant step forward for the industry, particularly as programmers develop increasingly captivating live TV and new second-screen experiences, and advertisers create integrated ad campaigns that combine paid and earned media,” said Steve Hasker, President, Global Media Products and Advertiser Solutions, Nielsen. “As a media measurement leader we recognize that Twitter is the preeminent source of real-time television engagement data.”

“Our users love the shared experience of watching television while engaging with other viewers and show talent. Twitter has become the world’s digital water cooler, where conversations about TV happen in real time. Nielsen is who the networks rely on to give better content to viewers and clearer results to marketers,” said Chloe Sladden, Vice President, Media, Twitter. “This effort reflects Nielsen’s foresight into the evolving nature of the TV viewing experience, and we’re looking forward to collaborating with Twitter ecosystem partners on this metric to help broadcasters and advertisers create truly social TV experiences.”

“The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has generated a substantial ‘connected’ TV audience that is simultaneously watching television and accessing the Internet through these devices. This, in turn, will continue to create the opportunity for content providers like CBS to offer engaging interactive features for our viewers.  As this form of viewer engagement evolves into a mainstream activity, it presents ways for CBS to enhance the viewing experience for our viewers and our advertisers.  We are already engaged with Nielsen and Twitter in a program of research and experimentation in this exciting new area,” said David F. Poltrack, Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation. “We are pleased to see Nielsen and Twitter join together to provide a comprehensive measurement system that will allow us to employ these social networking tools to their full advantage.”

“Twitter is a powerful messenger and a lot of fun for fans of our shows, providing them with the opportunity to engage, connect and voice their opinions directly to each other and us,” said Peter Rice, Chairman and CEO, Fox Networks Group. “Combining the instant feedback of Twitter with Nielsen ratings will benefit us, program producers, and our advertising partners.”

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