Twitter Most Popular Among Japanese Youth: Survey

A recent poll shows that Twitter is the most popular social network among Japanese youth. Meanwhile, many also expressed interest in trying out Facebook.

Survey Highlights
Japanese youth around 20 years of age participated in a study done by Japanese search engine Nifty, online marketing firm Comnico, and Lifemedia, a service which pays users to answer online polls.

According to the survey, 42.5% of the respondents use Twitter more than other social networking sites. In contrast, only 13% replied that their favorite network was Facebook. Still, 41% shared that Facebook is the site which they would like to try the most, particularly for job hunting purposes and for meeting other people outside their country.

A total of 776 respondents participated in the study, which was done from December 19 to 25, 2013. All of them were born in 1992 or the early part of 1993. Notably, the survey was timed to coincide with the “Coming of Age” holiday, an event where 20-year-old Japanese youth mark their “passage” into adulthood.

Twitter is the most used social networking site among youth in Japan. (Image: via

Twitter is the most used social networking site among youth in Japan. (Image: via

Twitter Popular in Japan
In 2011, a record was set when 25,088 tweets per second were made during a TV screening of “Castle in the Sky,” a popular film in Japan. On the morning of January 1, the country, along with its neighbour – South Korea – set another joint record with 33,388 tweets. Not surprisingly, Japanese also happens to be the second most popular language on the network.

Other Findings
Initially, Twitter was considered popular among the older generation, who utilize it for news and business activities. However, the study reveals that younger users also prefer the site. This could be attributed to the fact that Twitter is easy to use on a mobile phone, a device that many Japanese students utilize in accessing the Internet.

Aside from Twitter, Line is another popular social media channel in Japan. The group chat platform is actually owned by a company from South Korea. Next to Twitter, it is the second most popular social network; likewise, next to Facebook, it is the second most popular service that many respondents would like to try.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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