Twitter, LinkedIn Apps For BlackBerry 10 Updated


Upgraded LinkedIn and Twitter apps for the BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system are now available, with user-requested features and improvements.

Owners of the BlackBerry Z10, the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone, can now download and install the updates from the BlackBerry App World on their handset.

BlackBerry Z10

Twitter v10.0.1 users will find better controls and settings, and LinkedIn v10.0.1 users will receive new business tools to keep connected with professional networks.


The New Twitter for BB 10

The new version of Twitter has an enhanced Compose Tweet screen to capture new images or add photos from the gallery, add the current location, and offer a shortcut for “@”.

BlackBerry 10 Twitter Compose Tweet Screen

Composing Direct Messages (DM) on the new Twitter for BB 10 is simpler. Users can compose a DM from the “Me” tab, and they can view DMs from contacts in the BlackBerry Hub.

Twitter users can now edit their profile pic, header, and personal details right from their BlackBerry 10 device.

BlackBerry 10 Edit Profile

Another nifty feature is the conversation view. The full conversation history will appear after clicking a tweet.

Full screen images from are now viewable, with pinch-to-zoom and pan images from the tweet details. This allows a user to see full-screen profile pics from other Twitter users.

Twitter v10.0.1 users on BlackBerry 10 devices can delete their own tweets anywhere the tweet is shown. To do this, a user must hold down a tweet and tap on the trash icon.

For added security, users can now block or report users if their tweet is unwanted or considered as spam.

The upgraded Twitter’s timeline has an enhanced menu, with new options to quote a tweet after retweeting, and open a tweet to view its details.

Recap: Twitter v10.0.1 has different updated features with more options while tweeting – a enhanced Compose Tweet Screen, better Image Viewing, and an enhanced Edit Profile feature.

BlackBerry 10 Twitter Enhanced Menu

The New LinkedIn for BB 10

With the upgraded LinkedIn app (supports BB 6.0 and higher) for Blackberry 10 devices, professionals can quickly send a message to connections from the profile page.

LinkedIn app for BB Profile Page

The new LinkedIn app has access to see, look for, and save recommended jobs.

LinkedIn app for BB Save Jobs

LinkedIn news that matter the most are now filtered by industries that a user is interested in.

LinkedIn Today

The new LinkedIn app offers better images with full-screen view of LinkedIn profiles.

Recap: LinkedIn v10.0.1 keeps users tightly connected to LinkedIn networks through new features with Messaging, Job Search and Image Viewing.

Twitter v10.0.1 and LinkedIn v10.0.1 are available as free downloads in the BlackBerry App World web storefront.


The BlackBerry 10 Operating System

BlackBerry, previously Research In Motion (RIM), launched BlackBerry 10 in January this year.

Blackberry 10 has an expanded BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) played up by voice calling and video chat through Wi-Fi, with new collaborative features.

The BB 10’s Blackberry Hub has one point of access for all conversations – both personal and professional, including emails, BBM, and social media updates.

The operating system brings Blackberry Flow to mix apps and features more seamlessly. For example, a user can tap on an attendee who enlisted for an event to see his or her latest tweet or social network profile.

Smartphone pioneer BlackBerry has struggled these past few years to keep up with rivals iOS and Android.

BlackBerry 10 looks like the company’s last hurrah to revive its share on the consumer market. After all, it once was the world’s top smartphone maker.

Market analytics firm IDC reported that Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS powered 91.1 percent of all 227.8 million smartphone shipments during the fourth quarter of last year. BlackBerry’s share was a meager 4.5 percent during the same period, a steep drop from its 10.3 percent at the end of 2011.


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