Twitter Experiments Magic Recs to Deliver Recommendations Through DMs

While Twitter tweeted about its confidentially planned IPO on Friday, September 13, it already was working on another stealth project intended to increase its value through a different approach.

Known as “Magic Recs”, the experimental Twitter account first appeared on the micro-blogging platform a couple of months ago. It aims to provide personalized recommendations and content in an instant through Direct Messages.

Twitter users who will follow the Twitter account will receive DMs that highlight the new accounts that their followers have started to follow.

Magic Recs frequently flags messages posted to Twitter that draw attention from your followers. It is a discovery tool that identifies Twitter accounts with rising popularity and trending tweets.

So far, Twitter has not revealed further information about the project, other than it is an official experiment. Among other executives, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has confirmed and referenced the Magic Recs through a tweet.


The account is highly likely to test personalized recommendation algorithms, or whether or not people will get irritated if they are targeted with multiple DMs.

Magic Recs somehow provides a hint about the strength of Twitter, something that may be highlighted to investors for its imminent Initial Public Offering.

Twitter can track and analyze the sentiment of the people and the pulse of the Internet. It tracks and singles out what topics get people so excited or emotional at any given timeframe. For most online users, Twitter is a new way to stumble upon thought-provoking, attention-grabbing Twitter accounts and tweets, apart from its present features.

The service that began as a means to post short bursts of 140-character messages is steadily turning into a content-rich and continuous torrent of info that includes photographs, videos, and ads.

While it is remarkable and powerful, it is tedious and overwhelming to digest. The latest versions of Twitter show a multifaceted timeline of insights, opinions, thoughts, jokes, and news. The volume of content makes it harder to identify an item of interest.

Twitter has come up with new ideas on the platform to organize the sheer content size: hashtags, trending topics, and suggestions. It now has a feature, known as “Discover”, to give users a general idea of current events on the website. Discover is contingent on trends across the world and in a Twitter user’s network.

The Magic Recs Twitter account is still fairly small, with only more than 14,000 followers. For now, Magic Recs is a cunning idea to address a Twitter content dilemma.

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Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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