Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Hints About Vine Video Service


Twitter may soon launch its very own video hosting service named Vine as the company’s CEO himself has featured a video using the service in one of his latest tweets.

On Wednesday, Dick Costolo sent out a tweet saying: “Steak tartare in six seconds. via @dhof”

Following the link brings you to Vine and the video. It’s titled “#howto make steak tartare”. If you notice, it uses a hashtag which was popularized by Twitter.

Clicking around Vine, it’s homepage says: “Vine – The best way to see and share life in motion. Create beautiful looping videos in a fun way, then share with your friends and family. – Coming soon.”

With Costolo tweeting a video hosted on the site, that launch may really be soon.

Twitter, according to All Things D, bought Vine last year. It’s a video clip company “that never launched”, the site says.

Here’s Costolo’s tweet featuring a Vine clip.