Twitter Adds Option To Share Tweets Via Email

Twitter has introduced the ability to email a tweet directly from

On Thursday, November 15, the world’s most popular micro-blogging site added a new feature to share tweets to anyone through email, even non-Twitter users.

Twitter account owners can directly share tweets from their Twitter stream or from the details view of any tweet.

To share a tweet via email, click the “More” icon next to the reply, retweet and favorite buttons. Comments can be added before Twitter sends the tweet and comment together through a single email.

Twitter Adds Option To Share Tweets Via Email

“If you’re like me, you probably come across Tweets every day that you’d like to share. They might be funny or include a striking photo. They might be breaking news or feature old news. Of course, you can retweet any of these to your Twitter followers, but sometimes you want to share with another group, like your college roommates or your parents or a friend who isn’t yet on Twitter,” said Stefan Filip, Engineer, Growth Team, Twitter.

The feature will roll out to all Twitter users over the coming weeks.

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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