‘Twas A Crazy Week On Twitter With High-Profile Accounts Hacked

Hacked, Twitter, Burger King, Jeep, Anonymous

It’s not every week you get to see hacked high-profile accounts abound on Twitter but this week was just that.

Three popular accounts were hacked this week with two of them done by the same person or group.

The first account to be hacked is the @BurgerKing account. In the account’s description right after it was taken over, the group posted: “McDonalds @BurgerKing BURGER KING® USA official Twitter account. Just sold to McDonalds because the whopper flopped =[ FREDOM IS FAILURESM. mcdonalds.com In a hood near you. info.bk.com/press/sold-to-…”

Not that it may have all been bad for McDonalds, err, Burger King as the account actually saw a spike in subscribers after it was hacked.

How many people followed the Burger King account because of the takeover? The account amassed 20,000 more followers because of the incident.

The Twitter account also sent out posts that read:

“We just got sold to McDonald’s! Look for a McDonald’s in a hood near you.”

“If I catch you at Wendys, we’re fightin!”

After the hacking, McDonald’s sent out this tweet:

Here’s what the account looked like after it was captured:

Hacked, Twitter, Burger King, Jeep, Anonymous

Meanwhile, the @Jeep Twitter account for the eponymous car manufacturer was also hacked this week apparent in the same “In a hood near you” description and the same story that it was sold to another company.

The account featured the following description after being hacked: “Jeep @Jeep The official Twitter handle for the Jeep® — Just Empty Every Pocket, Sold To Cadillac =[ #OpMadCow #OpWhopper In a hood near you! jeep.com/press/sold-to-…”

In a tweet, the @Jeep account said: “#BOOTYGANG #ITHUG” and “We got sold to @Cadillac because we caught our employees doing these in the bathroom =[“. That post was accompanied by a photo of a bottle of pills.

In another tweet, the hackers said that there would be no more @Jeep production because they “caught our CEO this” referencing a photo of a man who appears to be doing drugs.

When the account was recovered, it sent out this tweet:

@BurgerKing also sent out a tweet to @Jeep saying:

Here’s what the Jeep account looked like after it was hacked:

Hacked, Twitter, Burger King, Jeep, Anonymous

Another Twitter account to be hacked is owned by a hacker collective. A Twitter account linked to Anonymous was taken over by another hacker group called Rustle League.

In a post Rustle League sent out through the hacked @Anon_CentralNF account, the group said: “@Anon_CentralNF this account has been hacked by @RustleLeague”.

The Rustle League Twitter account is now suspended and it also appears that Anonymous quickly regained control of the CentralNF account.

However, the recovery of the account didn’t come without a price as it lost all of its followers and its tweets as it had to be reverted. The account had over 160,000 followers and over 19,000 tweets before being hacked.

The Anonymous Twitter account sent out this post after the group regained control:

Here’s what the hacked account looked like during the time it was out of Anonymous hands:

Twitter, Anonymous, Rustle League, Hacking,

Image 1 from  Rodimuspower on Flickr (CC)



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