TrulySocial Reveals World’s First Social Dating Game ‘Flirt Planet’


Dating, flirting, and socializing have just received a nudge with the release of the world’s first social dating game.

According to its press statement, Flirt Planet is a new social dating videogame that teaches players to socialize and flirt with real world dates.

While Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks help people connect with each other online, they also come with many meaningless connections that Flirt Planet says it will try to make productive.

Flirt Planet will launch a crowd-funding campaign through IndieGoGo to celebrate the world’s first social dating game and urge consumers to use the live test version.

The campaign will start on February 14 (Valentine’s Day) and run for 45 days, with game developer TrulySocial allowing Flirt Planet backers to join forces in the development of important game features.

Sebastian Coman, creative director and founder of TrulySocial, said he wants to bridge over the gap between videogaming and real life engagements for dating.

Flirt Planet aims to add more meaning to social interactions with social tools in a videogame environment, Coman added.

The social dating game works by logging on through Facebook Connect, creating a personal avatar, and connecting with other user-created Avatars and AI-controlled characters – happens not only via text but also through animated body language.

The game takes action when you engage with other people you find attractive, usher in compatible friends, go on virtual dates with online crushes, and learn how to flirt and date within the community.

TrulySocial believes that skills acquired through Flirt Planet help build meaningful relationships in real life.

Flirt Planet has an upcoming Dating Service (18 years old and above) that allows users to communicate with approved connections via Flirt Mail for free.

The social dating service is a matchmaker with compatibility metrics that rival eHarmony, and OKCupid, says the game developer.

When playing Flirt Planet, it creates a profile based on a user’s interactions, which affects whether the team gives an easier or harder character to deal with.

Flirt Planet

Real dating happens when the social dating service provides highly targeted matches based on a user’s preferences and gameplay, and players can search for a match that meets his or her criteria.

Flirt Planet players can use their own avatar to communicate without exposing their names, only providing direct contact details when comfortable using their real identity.

Most users play anonymously with an alias and only use their avatar pic inside the dating area, and they can use Flirt Mail via SMS or email without exposing personal contact details to connections.

TrulySocial assures that Flirt Planet abides rules for proper dating and playing activities – players aged 13-17 can only access the core game, whereas 18+ players can access the dating area.

Honest teenagers, who provide their real ages to filter their search, have no way of interacting with adults, and vice versa.

In Entourage/Players of Your Neighborhood, users cannot communicate with each other or show personal details, whereas in Dating Service they can interact with one another after a request for approval between two users.

TrulySocial says the game is now live on Facebook and will soon reach Android, iPad, and iPhone devices.

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