Top Professional Goals In The U.S. This Year

January 2013 is coming to its end, so how are your New Year’s resolutions doing so far?

LinkedIn recently released its list of top professional goals people in the United States are eyeing on this year.

The online professional network giant, which boasts 200 million registered and active members, conducted a survey with more than 7,100 professionals as respondents.

Quitting smoking and losing weight are still the all-time favorites, but with the effects of the recession still stinging the economy, a significant number of people are choosing to prioritize the realization of their professional goals above anything else.

In fact, 55 percent of Americans want to give primordial concern and attention on their financial security and growth this year.

Top Professional Goals for 2013
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Here is the list of the top five professional goals Americans want for 2013.

  1. Develop career through acquiring new skills (48 percent)
  2. Network and make more meaningful professional relationships (46 percent)
  3. Start a new job/career (29 percent)
  4. Work on getting a raise (28 percent)
  5. Get promoted  (especially to a leadership role) (25 percent)

Learning New Skills

The top choice in the survey is no longer surprising. Over time, people have learned that it is necessary to equip themselves with new knowledge and skills to keep up with the trends and changes encroaching the job market.

Building New and More Networks

The respondents ranked “network and make more meaningful professional relationships” higher than “get a new job or start a new career.”

LinkedIn is undoubtedly instrumental to expand your professional network.

According to Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s career expert, building more networks is likely one of the most intelligent professional goals this year.

LinkedIn is giving away the following three tips on how to maximize your membership on the world’s largest professional site and thus become a networking ninja. 


  • Get noticed by sharing (at least once a week) on your network. Start a forum for discussion where your network buddies can begin exchanging a healthy dialogue among themselves on matters that interest them.
  • You can also ask them what their career goals for this year are and be open to sharing yours as well. Who ever said working on a fresh start have to be done alone?


  • Recruiters and potential new clients will most likely visit and revisit your profile if you have regular activity on the site.
  • Upload a recent profile photo. This simple update can help you get noticed seven times more than those who rarely update their profiles.

Join groups

  • With more than a million groups on the site, joining just one is probably too shoddy! Groups like Connect: Professional Women’s Network, Powered by Citi, Succeed: Small Business Network, Powered by Staples, and Jet: The Business Traveler Network will provide you with the needed boost on your network expansion goals.
  • Take the opportunity and find those groups that cater to your target network!


You, what are your professional goals this year? Got none yet?  It is never too late to make your own list. The best time for a fresh start is TODAY.

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