Top iPhone Business Apps of 2012

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Here are Social Barrel’s 2012 Top iPhone Business Apps in alphabetical order.


Cisco WebEx Meetings

Web conferences are global with Cisco WebEx Meetings. It allows users to connect with and participate in WebEx meetings straight from an iPhone.

Cisco’s WebEx Meetings views presentations, documents or applications shared from another computer. The host can start a meeting directly from the iPhone and assign presenter privileges to an attendee who joined through a desktop or laptop computer.

Price: Free

Download link from iTunes: Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meetings for iPhone

Top iPhone Business Apps – Cisco WebEx Meetings for iPhone


Documents To Go – Office Suite

The iPhone’s default document viewer reads and views Microsoft Office documents, but it cannot create or edit these files. Documents To Go for iPhone helps create a Word document on the go and edit spreadsheets in Excel.

Documents To Go comes in two packages: Documents To Go – Office Suite and Documents To Go – Premium – Office Suite.

The Premium version creates and edits PowerPoint files and supports Office 2007/2008/2010 file formats. It views and edits files stored in cloud-based storage systems such as iDisk,, Dropbox, Google Docs, and SugarSync. It opens and edits files in Documents To Go from third party apps that support the Open In feature in iOS 4 versions and higher.

Price: $9.99 (Documents To Go – Premium – Office Suite $16.99)

Download link from iTunes: Documents To Go

Documents To Go for iPhone

Top iPhone Business Apps – Documents To Go for iPhone


Dragon Dictation

Arguably the best speech-to-text dictation engine and application package in the market today, Dragon Dictation transcribes every spoken word into text, which best suits professionals and business executives who find it reliably faster to talk than to type on an iPhone.

Open the Dragon Dictation app for iPhone and talk to the microphone (the nearer and louder your voice, the better the speech-to-text conversion) – the resulting text message can be cut and paste into any app within the handset.

Nuance, the developer of Dragon Dictation, claims its award-winning NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software is five times faster than typing on the keyboard. Speech recognition passes through Nuance’s servers so it requires 3G connectivity or Wi-Fi network to work effectively.

Dragon Dictation for iPhone includes quick links for faster cutting and pasting of texts to common apps such as Facebook and Twitter, email, and reminders with just the voice and two taps.

Price: Free

Download link from iTunes: Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation for iPhone

Top iPhone Business Apps – Dragon Dictation for iPhone



People who are always on the go and use multiple devices to access their saved documents and files will find the Dropbox app for iPhone convenient. It only requires an Internet-enabled device to access all stored files.

Dropbox is a free cloud-based storage service to save documents or multimedia files: from PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets to photographs and videos.

After installation on a computer, any file saved to Dropbox will automatically save to all Internet-enabled devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets, and even the Dropbox website. This allows iPhone owners to read documents anytime, anywhere, and save multimedia files to Dropbox and share these contents with colleagues in a few taps.

Since the cloud-based digital locker securely backs up all content with a username and password, recovering files from lost iPhones and damaged computers will not be much of a headache.

Price: Free for first 2 Gb of storage (additional storage can be earned or bought)

Download link from iTunes: Dropbox

Dropbox for iPhone

Top iPhone Business Apps – Dropbox for iPhone



Evernote is a free handy app that keeps its users save ideas, improve productivity, and stay organized. It remembers all performed tasks from across supported devices.

Taking notes, capturing photos, creating To-Do lists, recording voice reminders, searching notes – all these features are available on the go through the iPhone app.

The paid Evernote Premium offers more features: more bandwidth, offline editing, multiuser editing, and a PIN lock for security on the Evernote app.

Price: Free (Premium is available for $4.99 a month to $44.99 for a year)

Download link from iTunes: Evernote

Evernote for iPhone

Top iPhone Business Apps – Evernote for iPhone



Instapaper assists people who read tens of articles daily but cannot stick to schedule or are occasionally busy in doing other things. It allows users to make notes of articles and then read it during leisure time with a custom Instapaper newspaper mode.

All saved articles are stored for offline viewing so it doesn’t require an Internet connection to open articles; it allows reading favorite magazines and newspapers even when airborne.

The process is as easy as clicking the Read Later button at the top of the browser’s navigation bar and opening Instapaper. For reading suggestions, Instapaper lists the most read stories from within the community.

Price: $3.99

Download link from iTunes: Instapaper

Instapaper for iPhone

Top iPhone Business Apps – Instapaper for iPhone



With hundreds of millions of members worldwide, LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network for professionals. Over 160 million LinkedIn members look for and connect with people, read the latest news and hottest trends in business and industries, keep updated with groups and contacts, and share content with networks worldwide.

The LinkedIn app for iPhone also comes with several new features since version 5: synchronize the calendar to receive LinkedIn profile information about people to meet with; view and save recommended jobs; read the latest industry news; keep up-to-date with groups; and sharing information with networks.

Price: Free

Download link from iTunes: LinkedIn

LinkedIn for iPhone

Top iPhone Business Apps – LinkedIn for iPhone



While smartphones and tablets are gradually turning into robust mobile devices, it cannot replace full-bodied PC and Mac computers. LogMeIn for iPhone remotely controls PCs and Macs over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection get all desktop applications running from the iPhone.

To make this work, install the free LogMeIn program on a broadband-connected PC or Mac and download the app from the iTunes App Store on your iPhone. The whole process takes around 110 minutes to finish, after which users can remotely access files, run apps, and control desktop computers on the go.

Price: Free ($24.99/year – LogMeIn Pro )

Download link from iTunes: LogMeIn

LogMeIn for iPhone

Top iPhone Business Apps – LogMeIn for iPhone



The Skype app for iPhone provides all the functions and features of the full-blown version in a mobile-friendly format. The key factor to Skype’s successful foray into mobile devices is its user base: millions of people already use the network for personal connections and business interviews and transactions.

Free and unlimited voice and video calls over Skype are always available through a Wi-Fi network, but on-the-go Skype calls require 3G connections with unlimited data plans to avoid blown-up phone bills.

Price: Free

Download link from iTunes: Skype

Skype for iPhone

Top iPhone Business Apps – Skype for iPhone



Electronic tickets, car reservations, and more – all trip itineraries within one free app from one portable smartphone. TripIt reads PDF electronic tickets and pulls necessary flight information for on-time travel.

The iPhone version includes maps, directions and flight changes: TripIt helps look for alternatives from other airlines to suit changes in plans in case of cancelled or delayed flights.

TripIt Pro, the premium version of the app, costs £34.49 per year but offers a dependable personal digital assistant. It helps executives who travel often to monitor flights for possible promos and save from discounted airfare, and sends updates, status alerts and reminders when traveling.

Other features include photo uploads to add photos to trip objects, search for restaurants, activities, and points of interest (POI) near trip items, local search and itinerary map.

Price: Free (The Pro version is available for $48.99)

Download link from iTunes: TripIt

TripIt for iPhone

Top iPhone Business Apps – TripIt for iPhone

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