Top 14 Pet Social Media Services to Connect to Animals and Owners

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Top 14 Pet Social Media Services to Connect to Animals and Owners

Top 14 Pet Social Media Services to Connect to Animals and Owners

Source – Forbes

Did you know that about 68% of American households own a pet? That figure covers every sort of pet, including fish and birds. For dogs and cats, there are about 90 million and 94 million, respectively, residing as pets in these households.

With that huge number, you’d think that a pet social media equal to Facebook should be around by now.

The good news is that there is – you might not know about it yet, though. Many pet social networks can provide the kind of community experience you’re looking for. You only have to pick the right one.

That said, read on to find out the top 14 networks for you and your pet.

  1. Dogster

As you can expect, this pet social networking site focuses on pets of the canine variety. Through the site, you can connect with other pet owners.

Not only that, but you can make yourself a better dog owner with help from the site, too. It posts tips and stories regularly about different kinds of dog-related and breed-specific subjects. There’s something about your dog’s health, training, food restrictions, and more.

The site contains interesting videos, too. If you can’t get enough of its content, you can sign up for its newsletter.

Its community pages on the site aren’t around anymore, but its community is alive, nonetheless. You can still ask questions, share pictures, and more through its social media pages.

  1. Catster

Catster is the same as Dogster in almost every aspect. It’s different in one crucial thing: it’s a pet social media corner for cat owners. So if you like the community and support of Dogster, you and your feline friend can still enjoy those in Catster.

Like Dogster, its site posts several tips and stories, including interesting facts, health tips, solutions to common cat issues, and more. Yes, it also covers breed-specific topics, like its article about Calicos. If you want to learn about your cat’s behavior, food, and health, this is the place to be.

There are also videos, wherein they attempt to answer some questions. These include distemper, cat dreaming, and so on.

Like Dogster, its community is alive and well in its social media pages.

  1. Tag a Cat

If you’re looking for a social network where you can find real photos of cats from all over the world, Tag a Cat is your friend. It’s like Instagram but for cats.

It’s available on the iOS app store, too, so you can share pictures in real-time directly from your phone. Bored? Open the app and check out cat photos.

Like Instagram, the app allows you to follow your favorite cats to see their updates on your feed. You can like pictures, leave a comment, and make friends with other cat lovers.

The first thing to do here is to complete your profile. Don’t worry, every cat is welcome.

  1. Petzbe

Petzbe is another app resembling Instagram, but this one’s open for all furry friends. Dogs and cats alike are welcome, and no humans allowed.

You can share, like, comment, and follow users like you would on Instagram. Here, it’s called lick and sniff, though. You can also use filters, stickers, and themes.

It’s socially-conscious, too. It has a program called “Lend a Paw,” which runs every third Sunday of the month. Users only have to post a photo during the day with the hashtag #LendaPaw. For every picture shared with that hashtag, Petzbe donates $1 to the chosen charity of the month.

  1. UnitedDogs

Here’s another community exclusive for dogs. It’s a bit different from Dogster in that it focuses on user-generated content, unlike the other one that’s more about helping owners with their questions and issues.

Through this social network, you can share your pictures, look at others, and create a video.

It doesn’t stop there, though. It ties in with Google Maps to help owners find a good spot wherein they can walk and play with their dog. There are also some helpful guides, a blog to write your dog’s adventures in, and more.

  1. UnitedCats

UnitedCats is like UnitedDogs in almost every front, like how Catster is the same as Dogster.

The website lets you create a profile for your cat, allowing you to share photos. You can also follow other cats so you can view theirs.

Like UnitedDogs, it also has a wiki page wherein you can learn more about raising your cat. It has clubs, blogs, and a forum where you can connect with other cat lovers.

You can also send cute gifts to your cat friends. Speaking of, you can get some of your pet’s needs – which are great for gifts, too – at .

  1. PetBrags

PetBrags gives a safe space for pet owners to brag about their pets – because every pet is brag worthy. You have to sign up via Facebook to join this club. From there, you can connect with other pet owners.

It welcomes owners of every kind of pet, from reptiles to fish to cats to dogs. This wholesome community appreciates every kind of beauty, so don’t be afraid to show off your rare pet.

  1. PetConnect

This social network is also for every type of animal, from birds to dogs to crocodiles. According to its description, it welcomes any animal you consider to be your pet.

It’s a true social network in the sense that you’re most familiar with. Like Facebook and other platforms, it allows you to create a profile, publish media content like photos and videos, and share posts about your pet.

You can create a walking schedule or a feeding schedule and then share them with your friends. Other people can see them and comment on them.

You can find new friends for your pet or animal-lovers to call your friend. You can also interact with them through the app.

  1. Cuteness Inc

If you’re looking for a social network that’s information-rich, Cuteness Inc got you covered. The website is full of tips aiming to help owners raise their pet right and solve some common issues.

It’s also the perfect place to get your daily fix of cuteness as its name suggests. It has a wide collection of cute photos and videos, which are sometimes conveniently bundled into one article.

  1. DoggyBnB

DoggyBnb is an app that connects pet parents to animal lovers willing to pet-sit their furry friends for a time. In other words, it operates like Airbnb in that “hosts” provide care, attention, and homestay to pets.

These hosts can also provide other services, like grooming, transportation, and walking. If you’re the pet owner, you can check the profile of each host to see their experience and pictures of themselves. You can use this to decide who’s a good fit for you and your pet.

DoggyBnB itself provides customer service to both hosts and pet owners. It has a 24-hour portal you can access when you book a service. Each booking also comes with pet insurance.

  1. myPetShare

Here is another one of those pet networks that allows you to create profiles, share pictures, follow other profiles, and more. It comes with a spin, though.

You can find services like pet sitting and adoption through the app. You can offer these services yourself, as well.

  1. Dogalize

This social network uses geolocation to find other pet owners and pet-friendly places. Over 350,000 pet owners use this app to ask medical questions or share digital media content.

  1. Bauwow

This is another dog-centric social network that allows you to create a profile for your dog. You can create your pack, send barks, publish photos, like other photos, and more.

It has other functions, though. It has a feature that allows you to check into dog areas and see who else is there. You can even set play dates with your pack members.

The app also shows you some dog-friendly places, including restaurants, bars, and more. Apart from that, you can register your dog’s health history in this app. You can create a schedule for vet visits, record allergies, and so on.

  1. Shelter Me

Shelter Me connects pets to their possible future owners. This social network is a bit different than the rest because the goal is not only to share and like photos. The ultimate goal is to get the pets uploaded to the network adopted.

Animal care facilities can use this app to create profiles of pets in shelters. They can post photos, videos, and a description of the pet.

Individual users can do this, too, so if you know some pup who needs a loving owner, you can create a profile for him/her. You can further do your part by sharing these profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Find the Right Pet Social Media for You

Before you sign up on any of these pet social media places, ask yourself what you’re looking for first. Do you only want to chat with other animal lovers or are you looking for a place where you can get services, as well?

Start from there and you’ll find the right social network for you. If you need more help, check out our other blog posts.

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