Top 10 High-End Fashion Brands On Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC]

Chanel, the popular fashion house in Paris, led all high-end fashion brands on Pinterest, according to a recent study.

Curalate, an image analytics firm that focuses on Instagram and Pinterest, and Pivot Conference, an invitation-only conference for senior executives in social and new media, teamed up to list down the top 10 luxury brands in the fashion industry across social platforms such as Klout, Kred, and Unmetric. Then they evaluated the performance of each brand on Pinterest based on the number of pins, repins, and overall impression.

To enhance the credibility of the rankings, Curalate gathered and analyzed more than one million pins and repins. The firm said the analysis stands for the all-time organic activity. It includes user engagement generated from Pinterest users from the brand’s website, outside of the brands’ own Pinterest accounts, which means it does not include pins and impressions from the brands’ own accounts.

The analytics study, ranking brands in terms of shares, found that Chanel was the top luxury fashion brand, with daily averages of 400 pins and 3,600 repins, followed by Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. The last two managed only a fraction of Chanel’s Pinterest engagement.

Pinterest is quickly becoming a key photo-based social network for fashion brands and retailers, especially those that sell products online.

Some retailers have seen higher conversions, click-through rates, and orders from within Pinterest compared to Facebook and Twitter.

So without further ado, dive into the statistical figures in the infographic below.

top 10 high-end fashion brands on pinterest

Author: Francis Rey Balolong

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