Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips For Your Facebook Pages [Case Study]


Creating your Facebook fan page is very easy and can be setup within 5 minutes, however once establishing your page you need to quickly build a targeted fan base. In this article we will go through the top 10 things you can do to increase your fans and reach on Facebook, and how you can set your page up to go viral.

We have studied a new Fan Page which we found and are going to let you know how they started and how they continue to build their fanpage virally. For this case study we will use the Golden Retriever Puppies Fanpage as the example.

1. Setup your Fanpage correctly form the get—go!

When you first create your fanpage its important you set it up correctly because chances are you will not be able to edit some details at a later date. For example once your page reaches 1,000 fans Facebook locks down your Facebook page name as well as Page type, so its important we get these right from the start.

Facebook Page Type

When setting up your Facebook page type 99% of the time you should select “Website”. The reason behind this is that this gives you full ownership of your page, if you select community page for example the ownership goes to everyone who joins your page, so we highly recommend you always select “website”.

Facebook page name

When selecting your page name you want to make sure you name it something very relevant and could be used as an ad title in the future. This could be your company name or something that describes your company.  The Golden Retriever Puppies have done just this. If they decided to run ads to their Facebook page in the future the ad title by default would be “Golden Retriever Puppies” (which Facebook will not allow you to change). So it doesn’t matter if they want to title their ads “Best Golden Retriever Fanpage”, they are simply stuck with Their Facebook page title – so much sure you pick a good one that matches your page! Another important tip is to edit your page and remove the ugly numbers after your page title, this will make it look more professional and help with your page’s SEO.

We have no gone through the basics of the inital setup we will now dive into the top 10 Facebook marketing tips for your Facebook page.

2. Use Facebook Social Images

The majority of your posts on Facebook should consist of an image with text, but not just an everyday image. You need to use “Social images”, which are images that people can interact or relate to. These types of images get shared, liked and commented on and tend to go viral quickly! Here is an example of a social image.

3. Facebook Timeline Cover

This is your prime real estate, use it wisely! One of the best features of Facebook’s new Timeline setup is you have a full blown image you can use for your marketing. You want to place your most important message here or your best pictures that will attract users and make them more likely to “like” your page.

4. Facebook Timeline Tabs

Another great feature of the new Facebook Timeline are the custom tabs. Here you can place anything from an app to a photo gallery. This is perfect for small business. Lets take a restaurant for example, they could have the following custom tabs “Our menu”, “Discounts/coupons”, “Happy Hour” “Events/functions”. The tabs can’t be missed by the users who visit your page so make the most out of them. In regards to our case study page, they have set up their tabs nicely and can see they are using one to offer fans a free book.

5. Facebook Insights

The Facebook insights are not just a pretty graph! It will help you grow your page 10 fold as well as reduce your advertising costs if you use it wisely. Here are some of the key features and benefits of Facebook insights for pages.

1)      Monitor your likes and more importantly your un-likes (and why users took this action).

2)       Check which content you post gets the most attention and goes viral (so you can create similar content)

3)      Find out the demographics of your fans (this will heavily reduce your advertising costs as you can only target these specific demographics). You can see the users age, country, city and gender.

4)      Discover how people found your Facebook page, ie from which website, search engine or even email.

5. Pin or Highlight Your Best Posts

Yet another great new feature that came out of the new Facebook Timeline is the Pin/Highlight functions. This allows you to either pin your posts to the top of the page or highlight them so they are extra large and stand out. This can be useful for your most important posts, messages and of course promotions ensuring they get maximum exposure.

6. Run Competitions and Events

Running competitions and events can dramatically increase user engagement and encourage users friends to join or compete. You could run something as simple as a photo contest or a steak eating contest if you own a restaurant. It doesn’t have to be complicated it just needs to get everyone involved.

7. Milestones

List all milestones related to your business, website or Fanpage. A milestone could be something as simple as reaching 10,000 fans or launching your new website.

8. Ask Your Fans Relevant Questions

Ask questions using Facebook’s in built question tool, this is a great way to involve fans directly.

9. Share Fans Posts

Share your fans posts to your Fanpage wall. Fans love to post to your Fanpage wall, however this will only be viewable for people who are actually on your page. By sharing their post to your wall it will in turn be seen on the walls of all your fans, exposing their post/picture for everyone to see! This is great not only because it gives the fan great satisfaction that you have taken the time to share it, but also you are getting free content, making it a win-win situation.

 10. Facebook Advertising

Although you can build your Fanpage without spending a dime on advertising, Facebook ads is the easiest and quickest way to build your fan base. Facebook advertising is still rather new and cheap! We found that most niches are paying between .10 – .30 cents a click when they properly optimize their ads. This is a far cry from Adwords which would normally set you back $1 – $20 per click!

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Author: Aaron Elliott

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