Top 10 Essential Twitter Applications


This article examines ten different apps you can download if you wish to make your Twitter blogging easier, and the Twitter platform quicker to use–whilst on your mobile device or desktop (so of the apps work on both). These apps will benefit people who enjoy using Twitter, and want different ways to read and update their Tweets.

1 – TweetDeck
This application may be used as a way of keeping in touch with your friends via things such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space and other social network sites. This application provides the information you need from the social networking sites, and gives you the tools to create updates on TweetDeck, so that they may be posted online and update the social network sites.

2 – Power Twitter
With this application will add features to your Twitter interface. However, to be able to use this application, you will have to download and install Firefox and add Power Twitter is an add-on application. This is what you need to do to make sure this app works effectively. With this app you will be able to add photographs and videos from YouTube to your Twitter account.

3 – Bitter

With this application you can directly interact with Twitter and your friends feeds. This application can be used on most windows systems such as Windows OS, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. When you get this application you can manage multiple accounts at the same time, it has auto spell-check so you can check your spellings too.

4 – TwitterBar
TwitterBar is an application that is used in Firefox. This is a Twitter application that appears on your icon bar. With this application you can comment and update your tweets, and if you move the cursor, you can find out how many characters you have left until you have filled the comment box.

5 – Twitter Gadgets by Google

To be able to use this application you have to make sure that you have Google Desktop 1:0 in order for it to work. This application is good for if you like to update your statuses quickly, and easily, without having to go into your Internet browser. This app helps you get the most out of your Twitter experience and it is easy to use.

6 – Novasoft Sweetie

If you have many followers on Twitter and you want to follow some of them–this app is for you. It is easy to remove followers and they will not be able to follow you again if you do not want them to. If you use this app, you can also find followers who may be interested in you, and who will want to follow you and get to know you.

7 – Twitterer

This application is a free, quick and easy way you can update tweets and comment on tweets. All you have to do to comment, or update, a tweet is write the comment in the box and press ok. This will upload the comment or, the existing comment will automatically be updated (when you click to update).

8 – MadTwitter

For you to be able to use this application you will have to register using your Twitter account. When you have signed up using your Twitter account, there will be some questions you will have to answer. Once you are all up and running you will be able to write messages quickly and easily, as well as being able to read the messages and tweets of your followers.

9 – Twitterlicious

When you use this application you will be able to read tweets from your followers and write tweets for yourself with the minimum of fuss, as this application does all the hard work for you. This application is free to download and use, and hides itself in the system tray when it is not being used. When a friend tweets–you will get a notification pop up.

10 – Twhirl

Twhirl is an application based on Adobe AIR platform and is important that you download this in order to be able to use this application. When using this application you will be able to connect and use many accounts at once including Twitter.
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