Tips To Track Sales Leads In Social Media

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As a general rule, if you bring up discussions about sales leads in social media, the conversation will focus on ways to look for and engage with the people who have an interest and the power to purchase and avail a product or service.

Apart from allowing leads to partake in the sales cycle, there are other key steps that have to be done to make up for the entire process.

As a result, the measurement and tracking of sales leads in social media is crucial. It leads us to the three key problems you have to address about sales leads in social media: number of sales leads, success rate, and source.


Number of Sales Leads

Apart from tracking the sentiments and volumes of voices, it is vital to figure out what conversations transpire around the brand. For this scenario, tracking sales leads that come to pass is extremely significant.

The quantity, frequency, and the trends have to be monitored. In the first place, you approached social media to sell the product or service.

Sales leads travel a straight line and are tangled up without difficulty to a return on investment in social media. Again, you have to be diligent to track the numbers.

social media sales leads

Social Networking World Forum, Olympia Exibition Centre, London. It is important that you track sales leads in social media. (Flickr / pestoverde)

Success Rate of Leads

The minute you determine the number of sales leads you come to pass in social media, you have to evaluate the frequency those leads close a sale.

Make sure to follow the number of chances to close sale from social media, and create a list of trends moving forward.

When you see or realize things the company has to do to pass more solid leads, discuss these with the sales team about its prospects. If you feel assured in each sales lead you pass, everybody is triumphant.

If you see unproductive leads, try to figure out the reasons why these leads did not lead to closed sales. Although it unlikely happens, the reasons may no longer be under your control, but these are opportunities to help better understand and appreciate your target audience. When you drop or lose sales leads because people get the wrong idea about your product or service, create lots of relevant content.


Source of Leads

Make sure to track the social platforms that help generate the most and the best leads. It may be an outstanding effort to be bolder in a particular social network or to allot a budget for sponsored posts in these platforms.

In addition, look way further than real sales leads. Whenever possible, search for the people in the team who engaged with the person, and find out the type of information or assistance was provided. It allows you to make a well-informed decision on how the target audience will reach out to your product or service.

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