This is Your Brain on Facebook [Infographic]

There are certain psychological issues that have come up as a result of the use of Facebook and other social networks. Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is something that has come up as something to be recognized by China, Korea, and Taiwan among other countries. The US is planning on doing this in 2013.

The Internet users in the United States has risen by more than 127% just in the last decade or so. In that same time, the average attention span of Americans has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. A combination of social networks as well as mobile phone usage has helped contribute to this.

Treatment for those with IAD includes things like trying to get people to participate in online activities. It is something that is difficult to do because of the amount of things that most people do on the Internet these days. Thus, anyone you know who is experiencing issues with this disorder is not going to be “fixed” overnight. It is going to take a long time, but it will eventually happen.


Source: Best Masters in Psychology

Author: Aaron Elliott

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