There’s Still Room To Optimize Facebook Advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]


Small business owners can still get the most out of their budgets for online marketing campaigns through Facebook.

A new infographic from Marketing Weekly outlines how small businesses can optimize advertising on the world’s largest social networking site.

Marketing Weekly takes pride as a hub for the latest news on marketing and online marketing solutions.

The infographic cites data from Small Business Trends to show how much small businesses spend on their online marketing campaigns, specifically social media.

Most small business owners spend from $1,000 to $2,500 on social media marketing, based on the graphical representation.

The infographic also shared how enterprises have the ability to maximize online marketing expenses through Facebook.

With research findings from several industry resources, the infographic guides how small businesses can promote and organize their Facebook marketing strategies, says Marketing Weekly.

A report from Vertical Response shows 90 percent of small businesses use Facebook.

The second study found that nearly 32 percent of companies post on Facebook at least once per day.

According to Vertical Response, enterprises have limited budgets for online marketing campaigns, so they will choose the most cost-efficient ways available.

Marketing Weekly managing editor Nancy Simeone said Facebook marketing has taken the business world by storm – more than one billion active members should shake the online advertising industry.

Lots of small business owners still have a hard time to employ the right strategies on social media. But they deserve the highest return on investment (ROI), Simeone added.

She said Marketing Weekly offers small business owners with the data they need to maximize marketing campaigns on Facebook, and use the right networking tools to win over clients and respect in the industry they are in.

The infographic shares it’s crucial to devise a plan and set goals on what the company wants to achieve on the social platform.

Goals on Facebook in mind and all things considered, the next part of social media marketing revolves around each initiative.

Marketing Weekly said a successful marketing campaign tracks what networking tools work best for the business.

Small business marketers have to monitor the best time to post on social media sites, with their target audience in mind – the world has multiple time zones.

Timeline updates at a time when most followers are asleep or are not actively looking for the posts may limit success on the platform.

While weekends pull together the best results, the infographic shows Wednesday is the worst day to post an update on Facebook.


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