YouTube Facts [Inforgraphic]

No matter what your video is about, it has to remain on topic, and the content has to be relevant to the main purpose of the video. You must focus and considering your niche and target audience, consider what they are looking for, and create your videos around that.

It is better to keep things simple, and attract the right viewers, as opposed to leading a viewer on, giving them a video that claims to be about one thing but really presents another, and losing their attention from the start. Keeping the content relevant is also going to lead to more viewers.

Since you are going to get more and more views, those who did enjoy your video are going to send the link out in tweets, or mention it in their facebook page, making for new viewers t come along and watch the video.

If you are promoting a new product, do not talk about other products that go well with it; simply talk about the product, the main features, and why viewers would be interested in it. The sooner you get to the main context, the shorter the video will be, and the better the chances a viewer will watch and enjoy the entire video.YouTube-Facts

This Guest post inforgraphic was supplied by Eric Welke who runs a blog at and on the Empower Network.  He writes about internet marketing, social media and small business consulting.


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