The Lazy Man’s Solution to Twitter Marketing

Engage with participants in social media. Connect with other bloggers in your niche. Add value on forums and within the comment fields of popular bloggers. If you’ve been in the social-media marketing space very long you’ve probably read similar advice more times than you can count. I don’t know about you, but that’s a whole lot of chit-chat I don’t always have time to do. For those of you that don’t have time to work your social media accounts all day every day, I’m happy to say there is another way to build a following (semi) automatically… On Twitter at least.

In this article I’ll demonstrate how I’ve been able to build connections and followers on Twitter, largely on auto-pilot. No this isn’t a click one-button and you’ve got instant 10,000 Twitter followers and traffic, but if you follow this system you’ll get more followers and more traffic over time without “engaging” all day long. I lovingly refer to this as the lazy man’s solution to Twitter marketing.

Getting Started

In 2012 (almost 2013), what do you see people doing on Twitter? More often than not people are sharing links and retweeting other users. There are a lot of folks posting inspirational quotes as well. Either way, most people, even subject matter experts with enormous followings aren’t doing much more than copying and pasting links and quotes into Twitter. As a result of this unique social environment, there is the opportunity to build a real following through semi-automation. Here’s how.


The Tool

To make participating in Twitter semi-automated you need a tool. My tool of preference is called Buffer. This tool allows you to pre-schedule posts on Twitter. Buffer also has a handy toolbar that connects into your browser to make scheduling tweets both fast and convenient. Download this tool now. Buffer has free and paid version, but the free version works great.

After you get signed up for Buffer, I want you to pre-schedule 4 – 5 tweets per day using the tool. But don’t write out these tweets yourself just yet. Read the next section below to find out how you’ll get the content for your posts without writing them yourself.



Create Lists of Sources

After you’ve downloaded Buffer, it’s time to create a big list of websites that are relevant to your niche. For this example, let’s say you’re in the social media industry. Then you might want to follow website’s like,, and other websites that publish regular content on the topic. I recommend adding each of these sources into an RSS reader like Google Reader because that will save time in the future provide a simple place to look for content to retweet in the future.

Got a big list of websites entered into your RSS reader? Next make sure to follow the subject matter experts in your field and anyone else who happens to be posting content in your niche on Twitter. You probably won’t ever be able to follow each person that’s discussing your topic, but continue to build this list over time.

By now you might be asking why does this guy want me to make a big list of websites and people in my market? Simple, you are going to start sharing and retweeting content that these people produce. To begin start by sharing blog posts from your favorite website’s 50% of the time and retweet other people 50% of the time. Just copy and paste the headlines or retweets into your Buffer and let the tool publish these posts.

The key with doing the lazy man Twitter marketing solution effectively is to make sure that you include the website or users @handle whenever you publish out content. This will ensure the person is aware that you’re sharing their content. Not long after doing this users will begin to notice that you frequently share their information and some of them will reach out to you on Twitter. Often they will just say thanks, but others may even start retweeting content about your posts. Continue repeating this for a few weeks and you’ll start to gain more followers that are interested in your content as well.

I encourage you to sign up for Buffer and give this sharing process a try for 3 weeks. I would be extremely surprised if you don’t end up with more followers, retweets and traffic just by doing this. Of course, even though Buffer and retweeting other people’s don’t forget to tweet back to anyone that wants to talk to you. Even though this process semi-automates the audience building process, you’ll still need to do a small amount of real communicating to build up some real relationships.

Got questions about the lazy man Twitter marketing process? I’m happy to respond to questions in the post.


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Author: Aaron Elliott

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