Social Media and Mobile Apps in Tandem for Boosting Business

The fact that businesses that aren’t using social media and mobile apps in an interconnected world will be left for dead hasn’t been lost on many business managers. But many are still lagging behind in this regard, and the longer they leave things – start using social media and mobile apps to interact with their client base – the harder playing “catch up” will prove to be.
Social Media – Not Enough to Have Social Media Accounts
A fact many businesses are cottoning onto concerning …

The Myths and Evolution of the Best Antivirus Software

Antivirus products have steadily advanced for more than two decades but people still believe in outdated misconceptions. While companies yell at the best antivirus software in the industry for the malware it misses, experts say that most criticisms are based on mistaken

How to Create a Social App

Social media has been around for a while now, and online marketers long ago worked out just how potentially effective it could be to promote their sites. While posting on Facebook and Twitter is a great strategy for businesses, it does lack some

Mobile Shopping Trend During Thanksgiving And Black Friday Rises

Mobile Shopping Trend During Thanksgiving And Black Friday Rises

The findings of a new study by mobile analytics provider Mobidia have confirmed a rise in shopping trends during the Black Friday

Instagram Strikes Back Against Rival Mobli

Instagram Strikes Back Against Rival Mobli

Instagram and Mobli are at odds. When Israel-based photo-sharing app Mobli initiated a contest against top photo-sharing website Instagram in March 2013, it was only a matter of time before reprisal and retaliation. Now Instagram’s clock has

Circle App Adds Categories And Photo-Sharing

Circle App Adds Categories And Photo-Sharing

Circle, a mobile app and company funded by Andreessen Horowitz and Ashton Kutcher, has announced new product updates and continues to add more than one million new members per month, as it helps more than 10 million members stay up-to-date on nearby

Apps Which Pay You [Infographic]

In the normal world, one would expect that either apps for smartphones or tablets are free or can be purchased for a fee.
However, this infographic we have here today which was made by lists 15 apps that give their users money.
The first app on the list is Surveys On The Go. What is it? It’s an app that pays users for participating surveys. It pays anywhere from $0.25 to $5 cash for user opinions with the average survey priced at $1. According to the infographic, the surveys come …

SheerSEO SheerExplorer Review

Whatever type of business you conduct online, you do it because you want to take advantage and make profit on the Internet. To do that, you will want to increase traffic to your website, both directly and indirectly. Search engine optimization or SEO can mean complicated work. That is the reason it is always in your best interest to collect all the right tools and data for extra support.
SheerSEO launched a brand new backlink checker called on July 1. The new site explorer …

Vine App Redesigns Camera, Adds Genre Categories and Revine

Twitter has released a new version of its six-second video-sharing app, with a number of key features: a redesigned camera, genre categories, and Revine. The term “revine” coined from the app name, just like “retweet” is to

Top Reasons Why An Instagram Video Wins Over Vine

Before Instagram introduced and released its 15-second video-sharing feature, anxious programmers and developers at Vine waited for the keynote presentation of Instagram CEO and cofounder Kevin Systrom. They wondered what features the popular photo-sharing service will have that Vine does not have, or has yet to