Facebook’s Popularity And Privacy Policy During The Past Year

Facebook over the past year was the most popular article on Wikipedia, the most searched term in the U.S., and the most criticized social network in terms of privacy policy that involved its recently acquired photo-sharing service Instagram.
The world’s largest social networking company was so popular that German Archbishop Robert Zollitsch quipped if Jesus still lives today, he will join both Facebook and micro-blogging platform Twitter.
The past year was a socially good year for Facebook …

Facebook Is Top Wikipedia Article Of The Year

Ever wondered what is the most popular article on Wikipedia is based on page views for 2012? Johan Gunnarsson has you covered.
According to data compiled and released by the Swedish software engineer, “Facebook” was the most visited page on English Wikipedia for the whole year.
In number two comes “Wiki” and number three is “Deaths in 2012”.
Fourth on the list is “One Direction” and completing the top five is “The Avengers (2012 film)”.
Number six is a page about the novel …

Jimmy Wales Bombards UK’s Communications Data Bill, Will Encrypt Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia – the world’s largest free online encyclopedia, has charged UK government officials of engaging draconian programs to monitor cyberspace.
“It is not the sort of thing I’d expect from a western democracy. It is the kind of thing I would expect from the Iranians or the Chinese and it would be detected immediately by the internet industry,” said Wales in the long deliberations, where he participated and represented himself to discuss the UK …

Wikipedia Outage Hits Millions of Users

Wikipedia crashed worldwide on Monday, which left millions of online users in the dark why they could not access its website.
The online encyclopedia’s non-profit charitable organization, popularly known as Wikimedia, tweeted on its Twitter account that Wikipedia experienced technical problems and its engineering team worked hard to find a solution.
Wikipedia, the organization’s flagship project, posted a status update on its website that is experienced a major “disruption” on its …

Curtains Fall For Encyclopaedia Britannica Print Version

The Encyclopaedia Britannica, the iconic stalwart of world knowledge, has finally called it quits for its printed version. The information manuals, as they may have been but never referred to, adorned middle to upper class homes where families bought them to create a picture of prestige and learnedness.
However, Encyclopaedia Britannica has been in trouble for a long time now. The company thrived on monopolizing information, something the Internet can offer and do away with, and the decline …

SOPA Blackout Did Not Pass Unobserved

Image via Wikipedia

Probably, all of us are aware that when we want something when we know that we cannot have it. At this desire must also add the advertising that participants at the anti-SOPA blackout have enjoyed and of this equation results an incredible increase in traffic.
During the day of the protest, Wikipedia was the UK the eighth most visited website, a pretty high position considering that everything posted was a black page with a message about Internet freedom.
According to …

Twitter Won’t Join SOPA Blackout

Microblogging website Twitter and other opponents of the hotly debated anti-piracy SOPA legislation won’t join the scheduled blackout on Wednesday, January 18th, by Wikepedia, Reddit, and other websites in protest of the bill.
SOPA, the Stop Internet Piracy Act, would make it illegal to stream unauthorized content but is being slammed by many major web players, and now the public, as undermining the way the web works and severely constraining free speech because of unclear language.  …

Wikipedia 24-Hour Blackout as a Protest against SOPA

English edition of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia on Wednesday will enter a 24-hour blackout as a protest measure against the anti-piracy draft law in the U.S.
According to a statement released by Wikimedia Foundation, quoted by Bloomberg, the movement is protesting against the law in general, but especially against Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).
Draft law is designed to combat illegal copying of movies and TV shows. If it passes, this law will harm the Internet and would definitely create …

Wikipedia opens office in India

Wikipedia, the San Francisco-based online encyclopedia company, has opened its first office outside US in New Delhi, India, report Bloomberg. The company aims to better reach India’s 1.2 billion people with the help of its new office.
Wikipedia was started about 10 years ago. It is free to use service and doesn’t display ads. Wikipedia Foundation Inc. operates the encyclopedia through fundraising. The annual budget for this free service is $20.4 million. Apart from English, the Wikipedia …

Apple Threatens Open Web – Wikipedia Founder

jdlasica / Flickr / (CC)

Marking the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, founder of the free encyclopedia, said that Apple threatens the openness of the internet.
Wales said in the 10th anniversary celebrations of Wikipedia, “The concern is that in order to make software and distribute it for free, you have to get permission from Apple so that chokepoint is very dangerous and something I’m concerned about. When you own a device and you want to give someone that software, you …