Disgruntled Instagram Users Start Leaving After Privacy Fiasco

Popular photo-sharing service Instagram lost a quarter of its total users worldwide, at least according to speculations of widely distributed media reports.
When Instagram revealed an updated terms of service (ToS) on December 17, it almost automatically set off discontent users who squawked about a new proposed policy that will allow the company to sell user information, such as usernames and images, for advertisements.
The modified ToS also proposed that Instagram is not required to name …

Schrem launches Europe vs. Facebook

Max Schrems, a 22 year old Austrian law student, has had enough (of Facebook’s privacy intrusions) and he isn’t taking it anymore; Schrems launched an initiative called Europe vs. Facebook charging, in one of the 22 individual complaints, that the social networking giant did not delete postings that he had previously deleted.

Schrems may face a $138,000 fine for privacy violations in Austria

Facebook could be hit with a $138,000 fine for not deleting personal data being held by …

7.5m Facebook members younger than age 13

People who wish to use Facebook must be at least 13 years old, according to Facebook’s terms of service (TOS), but a new report published in Consumer Reports claims that out of the 20 million minors that use the social networking website, 7.5 million members are younger than age 13, and 5 million are younger than age 10.

Facebook issued a statement prior to the release of the report explaining that it is extremely difficult to impose age restriction on the internet and there is no one way to …