Disgruntled Instagram Users Start Leaving After Privacy Fiasco

Popular photo-sharing service Instagram lost a quarter of its total users worldwide, at least according to speculations of widely distributed media reports.
When Instagram revealed an updated terms of service (ToS) on December 17, it almost automatically set off discontent users who squawked about a new proposed policy that will allow the company to sell user information, such as usernames and images, for advertisements.
The modified ToS also proposed that Instagram is not required to name …

Man Files Class-Action Suit Against Sony For Forbidding Class-Action Suits

An American man has filed a class-action lawsuit against Sony in an ironic twist after the Japanese digital entertainment giant has forbid users of its PlayStation Network to file just this type of lawsuit.
The news comes via Gamespot which says that a Californian man has filed a class-action suit in his name and on behalf of all PlayStation 3 owners who purchased the PS3 and agreed to the PlayStation Network terms before the change was made by Sony to the user agreement on September.
The man …

Facebook Login Scam Threatens Users

A Facebook scam described by experts as the cleverest to date convinces members to provide their passwords and financial information by charging them with violations of the website’s terms of service, and threatening to delete their accounts.
The phishing scam comes in the form of an email purporting to be from Facebook, and is convincing because it mimics security procedures used by many websites to prevent bad behavior online, or protect from internet trolls. The message, which is of …

Chrome extension imports Facebook contacts into Google+

One of the biggest challenges faced by Google’s newest social networking offering, Google +,  is that in order to attract members away from the current King of social media, users must bring all of their contact information into Google +, a potentially time consuming task, especially for those who take pride in their ever growing number of “Facebook Friends”.

facebook friend exporter google

Google has released a Chrome extension named “Facebook Friend Exporter” that will make that …

Twitter clamps down again

Twitter has tightened the collar again on another application, forcing TwapperKeeper, a program that lets twitter users archive their tweets based on person, hashtag, or keywords, to end an important part of their service in order to comply with its terms of service.

TwapperKeeper announced on its blog yesterday that “We regret to inform our users that on March 20th, 2011, we will be moving the “export and download” and “API” features of the TwapperKeeper.com website.” The blog …

Facebook police walk the beat

Facebook chief executive and co-founder Mark Zuckerburg says his website helps bring people together, and makes the world a better place, but this has to be balanced against other online activities like harassment or bullying.  When Zuckerburg’s vision of an internet utopia where we all come together and get along falls short, Facebook’s virtual police squad are put to work.

Twenty-six year old Dave Willner, who is part of Facebook’s “hate and harassment” team, doesn’t dress like …