Facebook Finds A New Frienemy In Yahoo

Yahoo‘s desperation at its waning fortunes have reached new dimensions today with the company’s latest attack on Facebook. Yahoo has put Facebook on notice on what it terms patent violation and wants Facebook to either license the patents from you Yahoo or face litigation.
The two companies have so far enjoyed amicable relations with Yahoo integrating a Facebook social sign-in on its web properties and implementing a Facebook social reading app. In fact, Facebook had recently …

Former TechCrunch Writer Sarah Lacy Launches New Site

“We have one goal here at PandoDaily: To be the site-of-record for that startup root-system and everything that springs up from it, cycle-after-cycle.”
That’s the idea behind Sarah Lacy‘s new site, PandoDaily, which she has launched after leaving TechCrunch. Best known for her insightful pieces on TechCrunch, Sarah decided to quit the tech blog after AOL purchased it. The new daily technology news blog will focus on startups and the startup ecosystem and according to …

TechCrunch founder Arrington fired

Michael Arrington, who founded and was co-editor of popular tech blog TechCrunch, has been let go by AOL, following disagreement over a venture capital fund the two parties were establishing.  TechCrunch boasted 4.5 million RSS feeds as of February 2011, and currently has nearly 282,000 Facebook ‘likes”, and more than 1.8 million Twitter followers.

AOL fires TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington

TechCrunch, which has become a popular and oft sited source for tech news and information, …

TechCrunch Editor Michael Arrington Resigns To Manage Venture Capital Fund

After it was reported that TechCrunch Editor Michael Arrington will be starting his own venture capital fund, a report from The Wall Street Journal has revealed that Arrington, who founded the popular blog, will be resigning from his post to manage his new venture.

Michael Arrington has resigned from his post as co-editor of the tech blog he founded, TechCrunch, to manage a new AOL-backed venture capital fund called CrunchFund. Image: Joi / Flickr (CC)

According to the Journal, Arrington will …

Facebook’s iPad app hidden in Facebook’s iPhone app

TechCrunch contributor MG Siegler reported a few hours ago that they have made a startling, and pleasing discovery: the executable code for Facebook’s much awaited iPad application is contained in its iPhone application.

Facebook' iPad app contained in its iPhone app

Seigler reports that the app is at the very least “very good” and probably “spectactular” after using it for a few hours, though he notes it is not sure that the version he tested is what will actually be …

Facebook CEO ‘most followed’ on Google+

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is currently the most followed person on Google+ according the socialstatistics.com website, which tracks the 100 most followed members of Google+.

google plus facebook zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg’s page currently has the most followers at 41,073 while Google CEO Larry Page has the second most number of followers at 28,333 and Sergey Brin, the Russian-American computer scientist who co-founded Google, is in the third spot with 22,027.  Rounding out the …

Active Facebook users reach 750m

Tech blog TechCrunch reported this week that, based on a source close to Facebook, the social networking giant now boasts a whopping 750 million active users, although the company’s last official announcement about active users was almost a year ago, when Mark Zuckerberg said it had 500 million active users.

facebook active users

Facebook was contacted to confirm the new user numbers, but said it has no new information to report, and TechCrunch speculated that since the website has been …

Everson: “Holy grail for branding are recommendations”

Facebook ad chief Carolyn Everson, speaking at the TechCrunch Disrupt event in New York City this week, said the “holy grail for branding are recommendations” and are all important for moving forward the advertizing potential of friend to friend experiences and peer to peer recommendations.

Everson, who left Microsoft to join Facebook in February, spoke about Facebook’s advertizing plans on a panel composed of Radium One’s Gurbaksh Chahal, Medialets Eric Litman, and TechCrunch editor …

Twitter agrees to buy Tweetdeck

Twitter signed a purchase agreement yesterday to buy TweetDeck, the desktop application many users of the micro-blogging website prefer.  According to a report in CNNMoney yesterday, TweetDeck, which organizes and displays tweets, will be acquired for $40 million in stock and cash.

Reports that Twitter would acquire TweetDeck have appeared in the media frequently over the past months, but now it has been confirmed that papers have been signed, although Twitter continues to be non-responsive …

Twitter wins “Best Overall Startup or Product”

Twitter won the award for “Best Overall Startup or Product” at the fourth annual Crunchies Awards, which were held last night at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.  TechCrunch again partnered with tech blogs Gigaom and Venture Beat to recognize the best accomplishments in technology in 2010.

Groupon was the runner-up in the “Best Overall Startup or Product” and other nominees were Facebook, Quora, and Zinga. TechCrunch said it was a tight race in many of the categories which …