Pakistan’s YouTube Ban Lifted For Three Minutes

The Pakistani government lifted on Saturday its YouTube ban after an anti-Islam video on the website stirred riots among Muslims, but reimposed it three minutes later when they found irreverent clips were still on-site.
Pakistani officials lifted the ban on YouTube after months of continuous bashing from locals to restore access to the popular online video-sharing site.
The authorities said filters were in place to hide offensive content, but quickly retraced their course in a seemingly …

Pakistan Military Fabricates Their Own Tablet, The PACPAD 1

The Pakistan military is producing their own homespun tablet computer called the PACPAD 1, a report from The Associated Press reveals.
Using Chinese components, the PACPAD 1 is assembled “inside a high-security air force complex that builds jet fighters and weapons systems,” the news organization reports.
The PACPAD 1 is an affordable alternative to more expensive tablets like the Apple iPad or the Galaxy Tab devices from Samsung,
How affordable? The PACPAD 1 is reportedly sold in Pakistan …

Pakistan’s Telecom Authority Bans Dirty Texting

The Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) distributed to carriers a list of 1,600 prohibited words and phrases that can’t be used in texting because they are considered obscene. The words and phrases on the list range from the religious to the ridiculous to disgusting and of course, naughty, including “Jesus Christ”, “do me”, “barf”, and “back door.”

Twitterverse abuzz over PTA's ban of 1,600 words from texting.

Carriers were informed that they must prevent these …

Pakistani Government may block Google and YouTube for non-cooperation with agencies

Pakistani Government may ban Google and YouTube if these websites don’t cooperate with local agencies in investigation of terrorist incidents, reports PTI. The warning came from Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik while talking to reporters at the headquarters of the Federal Investigation Agency.
Malik said that if Google and YouTube don’t cooperate for investigation of crime and terrorism incidents, they could be banned in Pakistan. The government would be compelled to do so, said …

Government of Pakistan Imposes Ban on Private Browsing

The Government of Pakistan has imposed a ban on private browsing to stop militants from communicating with each other using secure Internet connection, reports ANI.
All ISPs of the country have been directed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to ensure that Internet users cannot use technology that enables them to privately browse the Internet.
As per the PTA spokesman, this move is intended only to restrict militants’ communication. However, it can only be achieved by …