Apple, Samsung Drafted ‘Memorandum Of Understanding’ In February Before Talks Cooled, Says New Report

Apple and Samsung have continued with talks about settlement, even coming to a point in February where the rivals and business partners drafted a “memorandum of understanding” before discussions cooled, a new report reveals.
In  Wall Street Journal report based on heavily-redacted documents from the U.S. International Trade Commission, it was revealed that talks between Apple and Samsung ramped up after a jury in California awarded Apple over $1 billion in damages from Samsung. The Journal …

7 Saudi Activists Jailed After Calling For Protests Over Facebook

Seven activists were jailed by Saudi Arabia recently after using Facebook to call on people to partake in protests.
According to Human Rights Watch (HRW), these activists from the Eastern Province of the country were sentenced to prison terms ranging from five to up to 10 years.
In a statement, HRW Deputy Middle East Director Joe Stork said that “Sending people off to years in prison for peaceful Facebook posts sends a strong message that there’s no safe way to speak out in Saudi …

Judge Green-lights Case Against Facebook Over ‘Timeline’ Feature

A U.S. federal judge has given a Chicago company the go-ahead to sue Facebook over its use of “timeline”.
The company, which itself is called Timelines, sued Facebook soon after the world’s largest social networking site launched its “Facebook Timeline” feature.
In a 23-page ruling, U.S. District Judge John Darrah said that Timelines can sue Facebook over its “timeline” trademark even though Facebook thinks the word is too generic to be trademarked.
The judge reminded Facebook …

Judge Suggests Dismissal of Ceglia Facebook Lawsuit

Paul Ceglia’s fight for a large stake in Facebook may soon be nearing its end as a federal judge has proposed that his lawsuit against the world’s largest social network be dismissed.
The recommendation came from U.S. Magistrate Judge Leslie Foschio on Tuesday, according to a report from Reuters.
Ceglia has been claiming he owns half of Facebook based on a transaction between him and Facebook cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg in 2003.

The New York wood chip salesman says Zuckerberg agreed …

Twitter Faces $50Mn Lawsuit In France

Twitter, the world’s most beloved microblogging service, is facing a $50-million criminal lawsuit in France as a consequence of its resistance to handing over personal user data to the French government.
According to the groups which have filed the lawsuit, they have asked for $50 million because Twitter seems to be acting with impunity.
Back in January, a French court ordered Twitter to give authorities in the country personal user information for account holders who tweeted anti-semetic …

Arrested Suspects In Canada Have The Right To Google A Lawyer

In what a Canadian judge calls a change that should be taken to reflect our current society, arrested suspects should be allowed to look for a lawyer on Google.
Judge H.A. Lamoureux of the Provincial Court of Alberta said in a ruling that internet access should be provided by the police to accused persons in order for them to exercise their right to access a lawyer.
In a ruling for the case of a certain Christopher McKay, the judge said that the world is “at an unprecedented time in human …

German Court Rules For Facebook Real Name Policy

An administrative court in Germany has upheld the Facebook real name policy in the country letting the social network insist that users should not use pseudonyms for their profiles.
The decision is contrary to an order handed down by the Schleswig-Holstein Office of the Data Protection Commissioner which said Facebook should allow users use aliases for their Facebook accounts.
That previous order was based on the German Telemedia Act which protects people’s rights to use nom de plumes …

College Sued After Student Gets Expelled For Facebook Comments

A student who was expelled from the Central Lakes College in Brainerd, Minnesota over Facebook comments is suing the college.
Gull Lake-resident Craig Keefe has taken the legal action to force the school to let him continue in the school’s nursing program.
The man is just a semester away from graduation.
Apart from being allowed to finish his course, the 37-year-old man also wants damages from the defendants.
The man says that he was not given any specific explanation for his discharge. He …

Lawsuit Alleges Facebook ‘Like’ Is Stolen Idea

The Facebook “Like” function may not be an all original idea from Mark Zuckerberg and company. That is if a new lawsuit against the world’s largest social networking site is to be believed.
Filed in a U.S. District Court in Virginia, the lawsuit says that Dutch programmer Joannes Jozef Everardus van Der Meer had the original idea for a “like” button and that he patented it well before Facebook was born.
Van Der Meer registered but the site was never really launched (if …

MySpace Faces First Major Issue From Music Group After Re-Launch

Remember MySpace? It was the most popular social network before Facebook became the overlord of the landscape.
Look at it this way: there was Friendster, then MySpace, then Facebook. You don’t remember Friendster either? It’s the failed social network that’s now a social gaming network which owns some basic patents on social networking owing to them being pioneers in the field.
Anyway, like Friendster, MySpace has declined very rapidly over the years, to put it mildly.
How much has …