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Everything is available on social media these days, from food, to pets, to electronics, cars, and homes. No matter what your heart desires, you can find it on the Web. And when it comes to social media, mobile ads not only provide profit for companies such as search engine Google, but also give social media sites the chance to get to know your likes and dislikes – and tailor more mobile ads to your liking that you may find irresistible.

Instagram has been behind the times with merging social media and purchases. Nordstrom, for example, has always had a popular following with the Facebook service but has never been able to make shopping convenient for its Instagram crowd. That changes with Instagram’s new Like2Buy feature that is being handled by analytics and marketing platform, Curalate. The first fashion company using the new Instagram feature is Nordstrom.

Like2Buy will allow users to “like” an item (such as a pair of shoes, shirt, dress, or skirt) when they see it, but they’ll then be given the option to either 1) add the item to their wishlist or 2) purchase the item. If the user wants to buy the item, selecting the “buy” function will take the user over to Nordstrom’s own mobile web page where they can buy the item they want. Those who want to add it to a wishlist they can revisit later also have that freedom as well.

For Nordstrom, adding the mobile shopping feature maintains its customer base and doesn’t annoy them or turn them away because of Instagram’s limited functionality with the shopping experience. Charlotte Russe Social Media and PR Manager Kristen Strickler said that “our shopper is using social media to influence purchases. And the more steps they have to take to buy something, the more it drops off.”

Retailers such as Target and Charlotte Russe, a brand that’s been a stellar hit with teenage girls, have signed up for the Instagram Like2Buy service. Facebook has been rolling out a test feature to allow product purchases from the core Facebook app’s home page. Like2Buy now merges social media and shopping into a “one-stop social shop.”


There was a joke about the Terms of Service from social media sites, apps and software being the least read document in the world. But this joke is actually rooted in reality. I’m pretty sure they are the least read document on the web. Before ticking that little “I accept terms” box without even a glimpse, you should consider what you’re actually agreeing to.

We made a selection of five of the most important terms and conditions networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn made you agree to before use and that many people aren’t aware of. We’re pretty sure that they might make you re-consider not bothering to read what you’ve signed up to next time.

social media terms and conditions

1. Facebook can use your photos and videos for basically anything

After all, you make them public, right? When you sign-up for an account, you give it a license to use anything you post, than can be considered intellectual property, as the want. Think twice before uploading those selfies from last night’s party from now on…

2. Keep your contact information up to date

You’re required to do this actually, as Facebook wants all its users to update their profile as soon as any of their contact data is modified, in order to keep the account secure. If you change your cellphone number, you have 48 hours to update your profile too.

3. Twitter knows everything

The privacy policy allows Twitter to track users’ IP address, the browser and operating system they’re using, the referring webpage, the visited pages, location, mobile carrier, search terms, cookies and so on. Yeah, basically the same thing Google does with its users. It’s been used already to put a few people behind bars for using twitter to commit – or give away that they have committed – crimes.

4. Don’t send ideas to Instagram – or if you do we will steal them

The company’s policy is “not to accept or consider content, information, ideas, suggestions or other materials other than those we have specifically requested.” The thing is that if you actually send them some ideas and if, by some way or another, they actually read them and like them, they will keep it without giving you a cent or at least some credit. Keep them for yourself if you want to be the next billionaire!

5. You can’t add people you don’t know on LinkedIn

If you’re not familiar with the platform, you should know that before adding him/her you need to know him from somewhere and share the same workplace, school or similar. If you don’t, LinkedIn won’t let you connect.

We’re sure that you had no idea about some of the terms we presented. Were you patient enough to read them while signing up for an account? If so, let us know what weird one you found, using the comment section below.



Over the last decade social media has transformed itself from being a new form of marketing for companies to explore, to arguably one of the most crucial channels of marketing for a company to utilize.

Belle Beth Cooper at Bufferapp furthers this point:

Only 7% of marketers say they don’t use social media for their business[…] It’s becoming more common to include social media as part of an overall marketing budget or strategy, as opposed to when it was the outlier that no one wanted to spend time or money on.

How to Look at the Value of Social Media for business

Social media is an entirely different ball game in terms of value. Think of social media as “relationship building”, whereas other forms of marketing are more directly sales oriented. In other words, in a TV commercial you can push X product. You can talk about X product and discuss all it’s benefits.  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are more about connecting with the customer and are “people focused” vs. “product focused”. Since social media is relationship oriented, you can’t analyze the investment in the same manner as you would other more traditional advertising channels.

Lifetime Value of a Customer

In order to understand the value of your social media campaigns, it’s crucial to understand the Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV) metric. Spend time and figure this number out. Here’s a great article from Hubspot if you need help on this topic. If you don’t know your LTV you’ll have a hard time developing your social media strategy (or actually any marketing strategy for that matter). This number will allow you to how determine much you are able to spend to acquire new customers. Once you calculate this number, then you can focus on using social media as a way to acquire new customers and deepen the loyalty of your existing customers.

Dedicated Landing Page’s Can help in More Ways than One

Building out dedicated, stand alone landing pages for social media channels can be a strategy that is beneficial for many companies. This strategy allows you to tailor your message towards different social media channels and make them social in nature.

Graphic Created by Page Christenbury Long, AuthorIt also allows you to have an easier time tracking the original source of the visitor back to social media. This strategy works well when you a decent amount of traffic from social media channels, and you have the design/marketing capabilities and bandwidth to take on this project.

Website Analytics Alone Won’t Cut It

Since social media is not as directly sales oriented than most advertising channels, solely have website analytics alone in place will not tell you the entire picture of how your social media is affecting your bottom line. That being said, more web analytics program are starting to incorporate more social media reports. Here is a great article that discusses the top reports social media reports in Google Analytics.

Social Media Analytics Reporting Tools

There are a plethora of social media analytics tools out there. You can use these tools in conjunction with your web analytics tools to get extra data on your social media campaigns. BrandWatch.com discusses a few free/low cost options here. These social media focused analytics programs allow features that may not be available in your website analytics such as hashtag reports and retweeting reporting.

Call Tracking Will Start Filling the Gaps

I also recommend signing up for a call tracking program and using a unique phone number on each of your social media profiles. Make sure you also include these unique numbers on your social media landing pages (if you implement this strategy as discussed above).  IfByPhone.com is an affordable option; however, their are many platforms out there you can use. This will allow you to see which social media outlets are driving the most phone calls. You can get extra fancy and even take it to the next level to track which of these calls lead to sales. This gets pricey, and is only a good option if you have a large sales volume.

Graphic Created by Page Christenbury Long, Author


There is no “one size fits all” approach to social media tracking. As social media continues to evolve their will be more complex ways to market customers via social media. Both young entrepreneurs and CMO’s of established brands will have to continue to adapt both their marketing strategies and tracking to take advantage full advantage.

Do you use social media for developing your business? Have you tried any of the tips outlined above? We want to hear from you!


The main purpose of Facebook is to connect people through online social communication. But the diverse culture and number of people that use the service often lead to dissenting posts, discrimination, controversies or offensive language. In view of that, Facebook aims to find the right balance between freedom of speech and self-expression, and uphold a safe, deferential community.


On Monday, the United States State Department launched its very own Instagram account.

According to the US agency, the Instagram account will be “showcasing behind-the-scenes images of the Department’s domestic and overseas work, including the Secretary’s travels.”

However, this is not the first social media account of the State Department as it already has a long list of social networks which it has accounts on.

This list includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , Tumblr and Flickr.

The first post of the Instagram account of the US State Department is a video of Secretary of State John Kerry.

Kerry said, “Finally, the State Department is on Instagram!”

As of publishing, the account still has just 8 posts and just over 3,500 followers.

Other posts include two photos of the United Nations headquarters in New York City.

“All eyes are on New York this week as foreign leaders gather for the 68th #UN General Assembly. #UNGA,” the State Department said in one photo.

“This week, world leaders will make statements from this podium. What would you say if you were standing here? #UNGA #statedept” it said in another.

It also carried a photo of President Obama addressing the UN General Assembly, a photo of flags in storage for the General Assembly, and a video of “The Beast” driving through New York City.

US State Department, Instagram