Teens use Facebook to Keep Family and Friends Updated

Teens use Facebook to Keep Family and Friends Updated

According to a survey conducted by a Pew Center for Internet and American Life published Monday, users 65 years and older had the strongest growth on Facebook, using the site to connect and get up to date with their grandkids, kids and

Facebook Declining in Popularity Among Teens; Study

Survey shows Facebook popularity is declining among teens. (Image: via Huffingtonpost.com)

According to a research conducted by Pipar Jaffray, an asset management and investment bank firm, Facebook is still the top social media site among teenagers, but its popularity is declining. This is consistent with several other reports which reveal that Facebook has a “teenager

Facebook’s Popularity And Privacy Policy During The Past Year

Facebook over the past year was the most popular article on Wikipedia, the most searched term in the U.S., and the most criticized social network in terms of privacy policy that involved its recently acquired photo-sharing service Instagram.
The world’s largest social networking company was so popular that German Archbishop Robert Zollitsch quipped if Jesus still lives today, he will join both Facebook and micro-blogging platform Twitter.
The past year was a socially good year for Facebook …

Facebook Most Popular Social Network Among Teens

A recent study reveals that Facebook is the more desirable social networking site among teenagers.
Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster conducted a survey involving 7,700 teenagers from various places in the United States, which put Facebook above other social networking sites including Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus and Twitter. While the result may be obvious and expected, the margin may be unexpectedly slim.

Most teenagers prefer Facebook among social networking sites. …