New Instagram Terms of Service Angers Users


Many Instagram users were angry last Tuesday after the social networking site announced its recent policy changes, and new terms of service that gave the company the right to own the images of its users. With 100 million users, that’s a lot of photos snapped, digitally filtered and shared to friends around the

Instagram Working On Extended Online Profiles?

Instagram is on the move for a page makeover on its website.
Instagram’s website is unappealing to its users, though it has gained reputation in the mobile industry. The term “unappealing” meant that the firm’s current website has no exciting thing to offer to its users, other than having the option to edit one’s profile, which is also possible through Instagram apps for iOS or Android, and changing account password and third-party site permissions.
However, keen-eyed web designer …

Facebook’s Instagram Beneficial for Businesses

Facebook's instagram a great way for businesses to promote their brands. (Image: AshtonPal (CC) via Flickr)

Brands can benefit from photo-sharing app Instagram, a Facebook acquisition costing one billion dollars, in several ways.
While some people disagree with the extravagant deal, which seems to be paying off pretty well for the social networking site, companies should now come up with strategies as to how they can share photos and tell stories using Instagram to promote …