Consumers Worry About Identity Theft But Still Take Risks

Consumers know enough about identity theft to fear when it does happen, but they still engage in high-risk activities without attempts to protect themselves.
A new online survey by Harris Interactive, commissioned by Experian for ProtectMyID, reveals the risky behavior consumers still do despite knowing the effect of identity theft, and how they fail to implement basic safety measures.
Conducted from Oct. 3-7, 2013, and in support of the National Protect Your Identity Week, the survey points …

‘Sweetheart Scammers’ Will Be Rampant During Valentine’s Day

If personal security matters more to you than a broken heart on Valentine’s Day, take heed as thieves and con artists will prey on people who will seek company on February 14 by stealing their money and identities.
Thieves will try to exploit an unsuspecting person whenever a door of opportunity opens up, including their hunt for lonely hearts, says global analytics firm Experian.
Advocates against online identity theft and the FBI are advising those who use dating websites to be vigilant for …

Facebook’s Popularity And Privacy Policy During The Past Year

Facebook over the past year was the most popular article on Wikipedia, the most searched term in the U.S., and the most criticized social network in terms of privacy policy that involved its recently acquired photo-sharing service Instagram.
The world’s largest social networking company was so popular that German Archbishop Robert Zollitsch quipped if Jesus still lives today, he will join both Facebook and micro-blogging platform Twitter.
The past year was a socially good year for Facebook …