New California, Illinois Laws Seek To Protect Social Media Account Privacy

New laws in the states of California and Illinois beef up protection of privacy for social media accounts.
The new laws come in the wake of a new law signed in Michigan that also intend to keep access to social media accounts only to their owners.
In California, two laws will take effect tomorrow that prevent companies and schools from requiring social media account access information such as usernames and passwords from their applicants, employees and students.
Social media accounts protected …

Koh Tells Apple To Bare iPhone Profitability

Apple is being forced to reveal to the world one if not its biggest secret: how much profit the company makes on each iPhone.
Judge Lucy Koh of the US District Court of San Jose has ordered Apple to bare product-specific (read: iPhone-specific, iPad-specific, etc.) information including profit margin.
That’s telling the company to say exactly how profitable the iPhone is per unit.
In a filing on Wednesday, Judge Koh denied Apple’s motion to seal or redact certain information from its …

iPhone 5 Added To Samsung Patents Violation Suit Against Apple

Samsung has filed a motion on Monday adding the recently-released iPhone 5 to its suit against Apple in California.
In a filing to a case being handled by United States Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, Samsung contends that the iPhone 5 violates two Samsung UMTS standards patents and six features patents.
In their filing, Samsung said: “On September 18, 2012, Samsung informed Apple that it expected to seek leave to …

Apple Aims High As It Allegedly Wants Samsung To Pay $3Bn In Damages

Apple will be asking for thrice the amount a jury has awarded it in damages in its fight against Samsung in California, a new report says.
Citing “multiple legal sources,” The Korea Times reports that Apple will be asking US Federal Judge Lucy Koh to award it $3 billion.
Apple last month won $1.05 billion in damages against Samsung as a jury found most of its points in the case valid and judged Samsung as having committed “willful infringement” of Apple patents.
Judge Koh has the …

Apple Loses To Samsung In Japan

After Samsung lost a massive case against Apple in California, the South Korean company has been vindicated by a win against its rival in Japan.
On Friday, a Japanese judge ruled that Samsung did not infringe on patents Apple said it violated.
In his ruling, Tokyo District Judge Tamotsu Shoji said that “It’s hard to believe the products belong to the range of technologies of [Apple],” Bloomberg reports.
According to the publication, the judge has ordered Apple to pay for the costs of the …

Samsung Loses Against Apple As Jury Awards Over $1Bn In Damages

Back from an unexpectedly short 21-hour deliberation period, a jury has sided with Apple in its lawsuit against Samsung Electronics in California and awarded more than $1 billion in damages to the Cupertino, California-based iPhone-maker.
The verdict was handed down on Friday at a California District Court and means that Samsung must pay $1.05 billion to Apple. That’s $1,049,343,540 if you must split hairs.
Meanwhile, nothing of the $421 million Samsung asked as damages from Apple in its own …

Apple and Samsung Fate Up To Jury As Closing Arguments Delivered

Apple and Samsung today delivered their closing arguments in a long-running trial between the two consumer electronics powerhouses in San Jose, California.
Hanging in the balance is more than $2.5 billion in damages Apple is asking and a precedent which will have a great effect on the patent system of the U.S. and of industrial design in the whole world.
However, before the courtroom heard the closing arguments of both camps, the jury and District Judge Lucy Koh had to wade through 109 pages of …

Apple Expert Replicates 1994 Concept Tablet In Trial Against Samsung

An Apple expert has replicated a tablet concept from 1994 to try to discredit the assertion made by Samsung that the concept device is prior art that should invalidate Apple’s design patent on the iPad.
On Friday, Peter Bressler was called to the stand by Apple bringing with him a replica of the Fidler tablet. The Fidler tablet was a project by Roger Fidler for the Knight Ridder company’s Information Design Lab.

Roger Fidler with his Fidler tablet prototype and the Apple …

Judge on Apple Last-Minute Witness Strategy: Are You Smoking Crack?

Emotions ran high in court on Thursday as the judge handling the Apple and Samsung case in California became irritated with Apple trying fit what she says is an excessive number of witnesses into its remaining allotted time.
U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh even went as far as saying a lawyer representing Apple can only think that they could enter that number of witnesses in the last few hours of their time in court if he was “smoking

Samsung Says They Were Designing Tablets Before iPad

Samsung has argued that it was working on tablets even before the first iPad was launched.
The claim is the latest in the ongoing courtroom battle between Samsung and Apple in California.
In a testimony, Samsung chief designer Jin Soo Kim told the court through an interpreter that the design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was influenced more by practicality than Apple’s