By The Numbers: Demographics Of The 2012 Top 5 Social Networking Sites In The US

The numbers are in and the Pew Research Center has released its list of top 5 social networking sites in the U.S. for 2012.
Out of all the internet users surveyed in the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 67 percent said that they use social networking.
Facebook reigns at the top with 67 percent of internet users saying they use the world’s biggest social networking site.
Coming at a distant second place is Twitter with 16 percent. Pinterest follows close behind Twitter with 15 percent …

Facebook Is Top Wikipedia Article Of The Year

Ever wondered what is the most popular article on Wikipedia is based on page views for 2012? Johan Gunnarsson has you covered.
According to data compiled and released by the Swedish software engineer, “Facebook” was the most visited page on English Wikipedia for the whole year.
In number two comes “Wiki” and number three is “Deaths in 2012”.
Fourth on the list is “One Direction” and completing the top five is “The Avengers (2012 film)”.
Number six is a page about the novel …

Here Are The Top US Trends On Facebook For 2012

Facebook has just released its yearly list of top trends in the US on its social network.
“Today we’re releasing Facebook’s Year in Review, a look back at the people, moments and things that created the most buzz in 2012 among the billion people around the world on Facebook,” the social networking giant announced.
“We took the pulse of the global community on Facebook in 2012 to assemble a series of trend lists, chronicling the top events, the most popular public figures, the …

How Social Is Aiding Nonprofits Raise Money [Infographic]

How Social Is Aiding Nonprofits Raise Money [Infographic]

We’ve all heard the stories of how social media and social networking can become a nightmare for some but as it turns out, social can also be a great force for good.
One such way social media and social networking has helped our communities is by helping nonprofit organizations raise funds for their charitable work.
This is evident in data released by MDG Advertising through the infographic which is posted below.
According to the advertising firm, 2012 was “a very good year for social …

Sprint Posts $767Mn Net Loss, $7.3Bn Revenue, 1.5Mn iPhones Sold In Q3

Sprint has revealed a net loss of $767 million for the third quarter on revenue of nearly $7.3 billion.
While the 26 cents per share loss is much higher compared to its $301 million or 10 cents per share loss during the same year-ago quarter, it is also much lower when compared to last quarter when the company lost $1.38 billion.
According to Sprint, it added 410,000 postpaid subscribers while it sold 1.5 million iPhone units.
For comparison, Sprint added a total of 442,000 new postpaid …

Record Samsung Q3: $5.97-Billion Net Profit, $7.4-Billion Operating Profit

Boosted by its strong mobile division, Samsung Electronics reports a record operating profit of 8.12 trillion Won (about $7.4 billion) and a record net profit of 6.56 trillion Won (approximately $5.9 billion) for the third quarter of the year.
Both operating profit and net profit grew an impressive 91 percent compared to the Samsung’s performance for the year-ago third quarter.
Revenue for Samsung Electronics for the third quarter was 52.18 trillion Won (about $47.5 billion) marking a 26 …

Apple Earnings Call: iPad Mini Profit Margin, Microsoft Surface Bashing, No 7-Inch iPad

Aside from detailing a solid ending quarter for the fiscal year, Apple also revealed a trove of information during its earnings call on Thursday.
Apple’s Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer in a statement said “Looking ahead to the first fiscal quarter of 2013, we expect revenue of about $52 billion and diluted earnings per share of about $11.75.”
He also repeated the guidance for the holiday quarter and the start of fiscal year 2013 during the Apple earnings call.
This, despite …

Apple Q4: Record $8.2Bn Profit, $36Bn Revenue

Apple on Thursday reported a record $8.2 billion in net profit for the fourth quarter of the company’s financial year on a record $36 billion revenue.
This is a marked increase from the same year-ago quarter when Apple posted a $6.62 billion net profit on $28.27 billion revenue.
This net profit translates to an earnings per share (EPS) of $8.67, higher than Apple’s guidance of $7.05.
However, Apple just narrowly did not meet Wall Street expectation which ran at a higher $8.75 EPS, as only …

Netflix CEO Is Tired Of Making Excuses

Reed Hastings has just offered a fresh and rare gesture during quarterly performance reports as the Netflix CEO has admitted that the company is tired of making excuses.
The admission came during a conference call after Netflix reported its third quarter performance, CNET reports.
At one point during the call, an analyst asked about how “seasonality” and the London Olympics affected the performance of the company.
Summer, the season when people usually go out, and the London Olympics could …

AT&T Reports Strong Q3 With 6.1Mn Smartphones

AT&T has just reported a strong third quarter 2012 performance with the company revealing it sold 6.1 million smartphones and activated 4.7 million iPhones.
Third quarter earnings for the US’ second-largest wireless carrier in terms of subscribers is $3.6 billion, or 63 cents per share.
Revenue for the company in the third quarter is $31.4 billion, flat year-over-year, but up 2.6 percent when adjusted for the sale of the AT&T Advertising Solutions business.
The smartphone sales figure …