T-Mobile To Offer Galaxy S III, Other Samsung 4G Smartphones For Free This Friday-Saturday


Aiming to beat Black Friday competitors to the punch, T-Mobile has announced a new promotion for this Friday and Saturday offering popular Samsung 4G smartphones that includes the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The Samsung 4G smartphones T-Mobile will be offering for free are the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S Relay 4G, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S Blaze 4G and Galaxy Exhibit 4G.

Needless to say, a customer must get a qualifying T-Mobile plan to get the free Samsung 4G smartphones.

Aimed as a pre-holiday sale, T-Mobile says it’s their way to help customers combat the stress of Black Friday.

“If getting a great deal on your gift purchases is important, and you prefer to limit your time in holiday checkout lines, then this T-Mobile promotional offer could be for you,” said T-Mobile’s Andrew Sherrard in a statement.

“We think this offer will be particularly attractive for families who would like every member to have a mobile device but don’t think it fits their budget. This promotion will make it easier for consumers to join the smartphone revolution by making the best devices and data plans more affordable,” the T-Mobile USA senior vice president of marketing added.

T-Mobile says that new and existing customers, if they are eligible, will get their free Samsung 4G Smartphones “after a mail-in rebate card, when they sign up for a new two-year contract on any qualifying unlimited Classic plan, or for a $0.00 down payment (after a mail-in rebate card) when signing up for a new two-year contract on a new qualifying Unlimited Value plan with an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP).”

T-Mobile also took the time to promote their unlimited plans aside from the free Samsung 4G smartphones they will be offering on Friday and Saturday.

It said: “Consumers often worry about making the wrong device choice or paying too much for data. This holiday season, data-hungry smartphone customers can enjoy ‘Unlimited Cheer’ with T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan. Offering customers the ultimate worry-free experience, unlimited data plans feature no data caps, no speed limits and no overages on T-Mobile’s network, as well as fast, dependable nationwide 4G coverage. For more details about T-Mobile’s Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan, visit http://www.T-Mobile.com/unlimited-data-plan.”

Below are T-Mobile’s sample tables with charges for their pre-holiday Black Friday free Samsung 4G smartphones promotion.

Samsung 4G smartphones, free, T-Mobile,

“The following is a sample of device pricing and mail-in rebate amounts included in the Samsung pre-holiday 4G smartphone sale if well-qualified customers choose to sign up for a two-year Classic Plan™:


(Classic Plan™)

Total Out-of-Pocket Cost (Classic) Mail-In-Rebate


Net Cost

(After Rebate)

Samsung Galaxy S III $299.99 $300.00 $0.00
Samsung Galaxy S® Relay™ 4G $199.99 $200.00 $0.00
Samsung Galaxy S II $199.99 $200.00 $0.00
Samsung Galaxy S® Blaze™ 4G $149.99 $150.00 $0.00
Samsung Galaxy Exhibit™ 4G $99.99 $100.00 $0.00

If well-qualified customers choose to sign up for an Unlimited Value™ plan, the following is a sample of device pricing and EIP monthly payments:


(Unlimited Value™)

Total Out-of-Pocket Down Payment (Value) Mail-In-Rebate


Net Down Payment

(After Rebate)

Value EIP Monthly Payment
Samsung Galaxy S III $199.99 $200.00 $0.00 $20.00
Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G $74.99 $75.00 $0.00 $20.00
Samsung Galaxy S II $99.99 $100.00 $0.00 $20.00
Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G $74.99 $75.00 $0.00 $15.00
Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G $49.99 $50.00 $0.00 $15.00

This pre-holiday sale will be available at participating T-Mobile retail stores nationwide.”


Image from Thomas Hawk on Flickr (CC)

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