Survey: Pinterest Yet to be Used for Business Purposes

Although a lot of businesses these days have tapped into social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for getting in touch with customers, only a few are interested in using Pinterest. The finding was based on a survey conducted by The Creative Group.

Pinterest is a Web site where people can browse, post, and classify public bookmarks into various categories.

Recently, it has become very popular among ordinary users, but not as much among business owners and advertisers. This is reflected by The Creative Group’s study, which surveyed over 500 marketing and advertising executives in the United States.

Survey results show that only a few businesses are interested in utilizing Pinterest. (Image: technicalpr (CC) via Flickr)

According to the survey, majority or 62% of the respondents were either unaware or uninterested in utilizing Pinterest for business matters. In contrast, only 17% stated that they currently use or intend to use Pinterest for their businesses. Meanwhile, another 17% expressed hesitancy over utilizing the site for their enterprises.

The Creative Group’s executive director, Donna Farrugia, explains that even though there are many social media opportunities out there, businesses should be careful with their resources and their time.

They must consider sites that are most compatible with their target consumers and their demographics. With regard to Pinterest, Farrugia notes that despite its popularity, companies could still be taking their time and observing whether or not the site would be a useful tool in their business plans.

Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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