Steve Jobs Did Not Want To Talk About Philanthropy With Biographer Walter Isaacson

Steve Jobs refused to talk about philanthropy with his biographer Walter Isaacson in the course of the making of the now best-selling book about the life of the Apple cofounder.

The detail comes via Brian Marshall, an analyst with the ISI Group, who revealed the information shared by Isaacson in a recent event.

According to reports, Isaacson revealed the reluctance of Steve Jobs to talk about philanthropy during a question-and-answer assembly with the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, California.

Steve Jobs was criticized for his reluctance to participate in philanthropy despite his billion in dollars of accumulated wealth over the years.

Steve Jobs did not want to talk about philanthropy with his biographer for the book “Steve Jobs”. Image: cloneofsnake / Flickr (CC)

Nonetheless, friends like U2 frontman Bono has come to the defense of Steve Jobs.

In a letter to the editor in response to a critical article in the New York Times about the lack of philanthropic projects of Steve Jobs, Bono said that Steve’s contributions have been invaluable even though they may not have always been noticed.

“Just because he’s been extremely busy, that doesn’t mean that he and his wife, Laurene, have not been thinking about these things,” Bono wrote about Steve Jobs.

Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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