Statistics Show Quick Adoption Rate of Apple iOS 5.1

Starting from its emancipation, Apple iOS users have remained loyal and ardent upgraders to the operating system’s latest versions, as opposed to rival smartphone platforms, most especially with the new iOS 5.1 update.

App developer David Smith, creator of the multiplatform app Audiobooks – a universal app available on all iOS devices in free and paid variants with around 100,000 downloads per week, released stats gathered up from users who downloaded his app ever since Apple rolled out iOS 5.1 on March 7.

Based on his figures, two weeks after iOS 5.1 reached supported Apple devices, users with the latest upgrade accounted for 61 percent of total downloads of the app, whereas only 18 percent ran on its predecessor iOS 5.0.1 and one percent on iOS 5.0.0.

Around 19 percent of users still ran iOS 4.x variants on their iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices, but are highly likely ineligible for an iOS 5 version upgrade.

With 78 percent of total downloaders using iOS 5.x Apple devices, no wonder why the Cupertino-based company now sits on its perch in the electronics industry.

Moreover, the 78 percent mark would not have been possible if not for the addition of over-the-air (OTA) functionality for updates starting with iOS 5.0.0.

App developers for iOS received the news warmly since they no longer have to urge users in upgrading their devices to enjoy fully the newly implemented OS-related features.

This single app data, however, does not speak for the complete iOS platform so only Apple, or a third-party analytics company, can give consumers a better look on the adoption rate.


Statistics Show Quick Adoption Rate of Apple. (Image: David Smith)


Source: David Smith

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