Springfield Police Roll Out Social Media Campaign

The police department at Springfield, Missouri is rolling out a new social media campaign, using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in their daily work.

Social Media as a Police Tool

According to Cpl. Matt Brown, this would be the first time that the Springfield Police Department is using social media.  Instead of the usual, everyday chatter, though, the department will be using it as a messaging tool.  Every time they respond to a scene, for example, “followers” and “friends” can expect to read updates on what is happening.

Springfield police incorporates social media. (Image: via springfieldvt.blogspot.com)

Cpl. Brown shares that the primary purpose of the campaign is to provide immediate information to the public about their activities.  Events that could put the public in danger, for instance, would be posted in the form of messages, photos, and videos.  They will also be providing as much insight as they can about such events.

Not About Gaining Followers

Moreover, Cpl. Brown explains that their latest campaign is not just about gaining followers or friends online.  He states that their aim is to provide information to the public, as well as interact with them as a support group when needed.  The public can help give information about criminals and bad guys.  The idea is for the department and the public to work together in addressing crime.

Notably, the Springfield Police Department’s online campaign was inspired by a similar program being carried out by the Milwaukee Police Department.


Author: Neal Alfie Lasta

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