Someone Shared My Supposedly Private Family Photo! The Nerve! – Randi Zuckerberg


Randi Zuckerberg – sister of Facebook co-creator, CEO and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg – flipped out on Twitter recently.

Why? Because someone had the nerve to publicly share a family photo the lady Zuckerberg wanted to be for friends’ eyes only.

She even thought it was the opportune time to lecture people about “human decency”.

On Twitter, Randi Zuckerberg said:

Yes, this is about “digital etiquette” and “human decency” on Twitter and Facebook, according to her.

The photo is of the Zuckerberg family standing in a kitchen, looking at their phones with pleasantly surprised expressions. The photo was apparently a reaction to Facebook’s new Poke.

The photo was tweeted by Callie Schweitzer here but it has been deleted as per Zuckerberg’s request to @cschweitz.

In the tweet, Schweitzer said “.@randizuckerberg demonstrates her family’s response to Poke #GAH”.

In a reply, Zuckerberg said “@cschweitz not sure where you got this photo. I posted it to friends only on FB. You reposting it to Twitter is way uncool.”

@cschweitz replied: “@randizuckerberg I’m just your subscriber and this was top of my newsfeed. Genuinely sorry but it came up in my feed and seemed public.”

The lady Zuckerberg did, however, accept the apology saying: “@cschweitz I think you saw it b/c you’re friends w/my sister (tagged.) Thx for apology. I’m just sensitive to private photos becoming ‘news’”

She also said: “@cschweitz would really appreciate if you would delete the original tweet where you posted the photo. No need to spread it further. Thanks!”

Schweitzer, who works for Vox media which owns popular sites like The Verge, obliged saying: “@randizuckerberg done. I\’m completely sensitive to privacy. i loved the photo bc it seemed so fun and normal. You should make it public! ;)”

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But as the saying goes, anything you put up on the internet can live forever.

Maybe Randi Zuckerberg – being a former Facebook senior executive no less and a sister to the site’s current boss – should have looked more into the privacy settings of her photo.

Maybe she should have also asked for a private tutorial from Mark if she finds the privacy settings of the social network that would always be associated with her last name to be confusing.

She could have always set it to not be seen by friends of friends, but that’s just us.

She does have a takeaway from all the buzz, however, as it has given her an idea for “her next TV show!”

Randi Zuckerberg formerly headed market development for Facebook before resigning and subsequently forming “R to Z Studios”.


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