Social Video Chat Provider ooVoo Launches ‘Watch Together’

Social video chat provider ooVoo has released a new feature that allows up to 11 friends to choose, assemble, communicate, and view simultaneously a YouTube video while on video chat.

Dubbed as Watch Together, the free feature provides a second-screen shared video experience on multiple windows for ooVoo users. It allows interaction by all members of the social video chat, no matter who selected and played the YouTube video.

Other advanced shared video features brought by Watch Together through ooVoo for Desktop include (1) watching any YouTube video within the social video chat regardless of the user who played it, (2) looking for any YouTube video through keyword search while in a video chat, (3) interacting with the video using functions (start, stop, pause, rewind, etc.) by any chat member, (4) selecting trending YouTube videos on display, and (5) a personalized list of interesting YouTube videos to ooVoo users.

PC users can use ooVoo to record and send video messages, or send instant messages (IMs) to contacts, including real-time text chat interaction while video chats are in progress.

ooVoo president Jay Samit says that Watch Together launches a ‘virtual couch’ where chat members can have the same experience as watching TV with friends on a couch.

Watch Together provides a second-screen experience to families and friends. It allows them to find the hottest and trending YouTube videos and chat about it.

ooVoo says that its social video chat platform currently supports desktop computers (PC and Mac) and more than 240 Android and iOS devices.

With a New York headquarters, ooVoo is a private company funded by Myrian Capital, a growth capital firm that invests in video communications, social media and advanced advertising.

The company claims that 80 percent of social video chat users prefer its service than competing alternatives, and that it offers the best experience, has more flexibility, and a pool of free social features.

ooVoo says it uses cloud computing to provide a more reliable connection and high-quality images compared to its rivals.

ooVoo’s social video chat platform currently caters its services to more than 64 million members. It provides a free social video chat service with integrated IM and multi-party HD video chat to users worldwide,

Through its 12-person group video chat apps (on the Internet, Facebook, desktop, Android and iOS), ooVoo helps connect friends, families, and communities through its cloud-based connection.

ooVoo was named “Best of the Year” by PC Magazine in 2011 for its free ooVoo mobile app.

To use Watch Together, download and install ooVoo for Desktop here.

Social Video Chat Provider ooVoo Launches 'Watch Together'

Image: ooVoo

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