MySpace Account of ex-Girlfriend Hijacked, Man Convicted with Online Harassment

Man convicted for hijacking ex-girlfriend's Myspace account. (Image: Josecinho (CC) via Flickr)

A man was convicted with online harassment after using her ex-girlfriend’s account to post obscene photos and messages, posting as her. Charges include “unlawful use of encryption,” and “knowingly interrupting an electronic communications service with intent to harass the

MySpace Faces First Major Issue From Music Group After Re-Launch

Remember MySpace? It was the most popular social network before Facebook became the overlord of the landscape.
Look at it this way: there was Friendster, then MySpace, then Facebook. You don’t remember Friendster either? It’s the failed social network that’s now a social gaming network which owns some basic patents on social networking owing to them being pioneers in the field.
Anyway, like Friendster, MySpace has declined very rapidly over the years, to put it mildly.
How much has …

MySpace Undergoes a Major Makeover

When it comes to redesigning, the social network MySpace has not always had a successful track record. Its latest makeover, however, just might work out this time. Although many have predicted that it would be yet another failure, MySpace’s new look is actually very

Experts Cast their Verdict on MySpace’s Re-launch Plan

MySpace has been catching attention once again since it was redesigned in September by Specific Media, its new owner, and supported by Justin Timberlake, one of the site’s investors.
Meanwhile, a more recent report says that MySpace will be re-launched as an alternative to Pandora and Spotify, and that it is seeking additional funds amounting to $50 million to do

MySpace Makes Surprising Gains

Former social networking star MySpace, which saw its user base dwindle to a whisper of its first years and was sold, again, last year to Specific Media for a mere $35 million, this week announced that it has added over 1 million new users in the last 30 days.
MySpace, a social networking website inspired by Friendster, was considered the world’s biggest social networking website in late 2007, early 2008, having logged its 100th million member in August 2006. Facebook soon overtook it …

Murdoch on Myspace: “We screwed up”

NewsCorp chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch conceded in a tweet yesterday that it badly bungled its ownership and management of former social networking star Myspace.
Murdoch, who opened his first Twitter account on January 1 of this year, apparently made the admission because he is one of the 140,000 people attending the Consumer Electronics Show CES in Las Vegas and he was asked a lot of questions about Myspace during the event.  CES, the world’s biggest annual technology show ran from …

Timberlake Talks Up New Myspace TV

Pop star Justin Timberlake, who bought a stake of former social networking star Myspace last year, announced a new evolution for the website, and TV, at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.
The new Myspace TV offering comes as the result of a partnership with consumer electronics company Panasonic, aims to integrate Panasonic TVs into user’s daily social life, and provide a much needed boost for Myspace, which has seen revenues and membership numbers dwindle out over the past …

MySpace Drops Out of UK Top Ten

Former social networking star MySpace fell out of the top ten most used social networking websites in the UK, data compiled by internet research firm Experian Hitwise shows.
Website discovery site Stumble Upon surged past MySpace in web traffic for November to take the 10th place pushing MySpace down to 11th position for the most popular social networking websites in November.  The other social networking websites to make the top ten list in November maintained the same position they …

Foodily Facebook app launches

Foodily, the website that aggregates recipes from a wide range of sources across the net, this week launched its Facebook app, marking another important step in its integration with the social networking website.

Foodily launches its Facebook app

Foodily, a recipe website that was started by former Yahoo employees Andrea Cutright and Hillary Mickell distinguishes itself from the many other websites in the crowded recipe search engine space, by displaying recipes collected from …

MySpace to re-launch as music hub under Specific Media

Former social networking star MySpace will have a new focus and ambition when its new owners, Specific Media and Justin Timberlake, relaunch it this year: to be the premier music destination on the internet.

MySpace aims to become the premier music destination on the internet

MySpace was purchased by advertizing network Specific Media at the end of June, and pop music star Justin Timberlake took a stake in and will help shape its future.  NewsCorp purchased the social networking …