LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace Lets You Search for Charitable Work

LinkedIn has added a new portal called Volunteer Marketplace, in which LinkedIn professionals and nonprofits can search for volunteer opportunities that need specific skill sets. And the company wants to extend its reach from being a social networking site built for professionals to being a platform for volunteers and

Facts About LinkedIn Intro Security

LinkedIn has addressed accusations and assertions about its launch of Intro on Wednesday last week.
In an official blog post, the professional social network clarified and shared more details about LinkedIn Intro, its security in

Ace LinkedIn With These 17 Profile Must-Haves [Infographic]

LinkedIn, though not as massive as Facebook, is very important in its own right particularly in the business and professional markets.
LinkedIn can be the gateway for people to connect with organizations who are offering better jobs or projects. This is why for someone who is serious about getting great opportunities through social media, an exceptional LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn profile management is in order.
This is why we at Social Barrel present to you today this infographic from …

What LinkedIn Is Actually Good For [Infographic]

Is the social network LinkedIn only good as your online resume?
We here at Social Barrel do not think so and so do the people at holeymoleyjobs.
According to the job site, there’s more to LinkedIn being an online resume, even without all the fluff.
The infographic below lists three things that LinkedIn is good for. These are: helping you to be found,  research, and making connections.
How does LinkedIn help you to be found? According to this, recruiters often head-hunt directly through …

LinkedIn Launches Intro and Redesigns LinkedIn for iPad

LinkedIn is fortifying its mobile experience through a new integrated product called Intro and a recreated LinkedIn for Ipad

LinkedIn Releases 2013 Global List of 100 Most In Demand Employers

When you are on the lookout for the next job or position, it is best to know what job seekers consider the most sought after companies.
Job seekers intend to work on their career with a mission, and the ideal way is to work for a brand or company willing to guide them on the way

Mistakes to Avoid When Using LinkedIn

According to a 2012 survey by Bullhorn Reach, 97.3% of hiring managers used LinkedIn as a tool for recruiting new people. Indeed, the network is a great way for employers to find new people, as well as for job seekers to land their dream jobs. And so, anyone who is looking for a job should definitely have a profile on

LinkedIn Updates Its Terms of Service, Launches ‘University Pages’

LinkedIn has announced new updates to its User Agreement and Privacy Policy pages, as part of the changes to its Terms of Service for country-specific age

Benefits of Using LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

For those who are in the advertising or business-to-business (B2B) industry, fast and reliable distribution of content is essential.  Fortunately, there are several platforms today that help make this possible.  One of these is LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, a paid media component that promises quick and reliable content

LinkedIn to Introduce Unrestricted Ads API

LinkedIn intends to monetize its social networking site for professionals through the imminent introduction of its advertising API.
The company’s platform, with more than 238 million members, seems intent to ramp up its efforts in advertising, with eyes set on fellow social networking giants Facebook and