How to Manage Your Google+ Relationships Through Circles

Among the striking features of Google+ is the idea of creating “Circles,” a way for Google to group online connections based on your relationship with

Gmail Now Suggests Google+ Connections as Recipients

Gmail Now Suggests Google+ Connections as Recipients

Have you tried writing an email to someone but realize later that you don’t know his or her email address? If you have a Google+ profile, you no longer need to fret too much about it. Now it’s easier to use Google+ and Gmail to connect with other people thru

Study Finds Google+ Is A Playground For Online Predators

Study Finds Google+ Is A Playground For Online Predators

Google has to police Google+ as online predators and explicit sexual content continue to mar its reputation, urges a tech industry whistleblower based on the findings of his seven-month study of the social

YouTube Live Streaming And Google+ Hangout On Air Now Open To Verified Accounts

YouTube Live Streaming And Google+ Hangout On Air Now Open To Verified Accounts

All verified accounts can start streaming live YouTube videos and create Google+ Hangouts on Air. An official blog post from YouTube said that the update is part of Google’s expansion of live video services to the

YouTube Gets G+ Integration, Phone Calls on KitKat to Show G+ Photos

YouTube has updated its comments with a new format for threaded replies, improved list, and Google+

Google+ Major Update Includes Messaging, Photo, Video Features

Google+ announced on Tuesday nearly 20 features that add more tools for photos and videos, and several updates to

Google+ Introduces Embedded Posts, Integrates Sign-In and Authorship

As an author, you continually create content and share it on the Internet so that people credit your work and you can expand your audience in due course. In line with that, Google intends to help authors speed up the process and give recognition to content creators who want to expand their

Google+ Embeds SoundCloud Audio Files Into Posts

SoundCloud has teamed up with Google+ to embed sounds into posts on the social network.
According to a blog post by the music sharing service, SoundCloud users who will share a SoundCloud URL to their Google+ Circles will automatically trigger the widget within the

Google+ Recommendations Goes Mobile, Google Consolidates Storage

Finding a worthy read in your website and sharing it with friends encourages better engagement and loyalty, says Google+. The team behind Google’s social networking site merged elements of Google+ and Google Search to recommend the right content from your mobile site, at the right time.
Google+ Recommendations makes suggestions to keep users, or friends, engaged and updated about the latest posts on your mobile site.
The Google+ team said the new feature considers three factors to deliver …

Google+ Persuades Major Brands to be more Active

Google has a hard time convincing major brands to be more active on Google+ than in other social networking sites, such as Facebook and